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3 questions for diagram. 1. What is the ratio of corresponding sides? f. 8 to 4 g. 3 to 8 h. 8 to 10 j. 10 to 4

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its gonna be f (8:4) because you arent given a value for side x, and because the problem is asking for ratios, the only usable information is the side of the larger triangle (8) and the side of the smaller triangle (4).
2. Which proportion can you use to find the length of side X?

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Other answers:

What is the length of side x?
Thank you so much for your help. You explaining is helping. I hope I can do on the test tomorrow.
The proportion for the entire triangle will be the same, since you are having trouble with this I will walk you through it instead of giving you the answer. So we found that the ratio of the side is 8:4, and because the triangles are proportionate to each other (meaning that they have the same side lengths and angles, the only thing is that one is larger than the other based on a multiplicative factor) the entire triangle will have the same multiplicative factor across each side. So lets figure out an equation to use. We found that the one side is 8:4. Now what would the ratio be when trying to find x? And use x in place of the number, because obviously we do not know it yet. And anytime! I'm on here to help out!
10 to x ?
That is correct, and since the multiplicative factor in the 8:4 will be the same in the 10:x ratio, what is the multiplicative factor in the 8:4 ratio?
2 Not sure what multiplicative factor means.
you got it exactly, multiplicative factor is just a fancy way of saying what is the smaller one multiplied by to equal the bigger one. I'm sorry for the confusion. So that factor will be the same for the all the sides on each triangle. So if 10 and 8 are on the larger triangle, and 4 and x are on the smaller triangle, and the factor is 2 for both ratios (8:4 and 10:x), do you think you could figure out x using that information?
or another way you can think about it is like this: 8/4= 2 10/x=2 \[2*x=10\] 10/2=5 So yes, your answer of 5 is correct
Multiple choice answers so it should read \[\frac{ x }{ 10} = \frac{ 8 }{ 4 } \]
@electrokid what are you referring to? i gave her answers as to the options available, I simply expanded on them and tried my best to explain what the option was saying
That is for the second question.
Dave0616 you explained perfect. It helped me understand what I am doing.
@electrokid She is iimediately answering with the next question because if you actually read my answers I am helping her along, trying to get her to answer the question and think about what the next thing she should do is, not just straight out give her the answer. And again, if you read the entire post you would realize that she has a test tomorrow, and has to be able to do this without mine or anyone elses help, so I am trying to get her to do it on her own so that she can remember it tomorrow.
@electrokid I am satisfied, so thanks for taking it back. and @nynic819 I'm glad that I could help
I am. Dave0616 is helping me understand how to do it and not just giving me the answers. A big help :)
Last question. I just need to know how it is written for the proportion. Multiple choice answers so it should read x10=84
no that was mistyping
I was gonna say, shouldnt it be x:10 = 4:8?
\[\frac{ x }{ 10 } = \frac{ 8 }{ 4 }\]
\[\frac{ 4 }{ 8 }\]
Sorry just want to make sure I know what I'm doing.
alright, so i am unclear as to what your question is. But my understanding of your question is that it can be written 5:10=4:8 And just in case your teacher decides to throw you a curveball and write it like i have written it, it is the same thing as saying: \[\frac{ 5 }{ 10 }=\frac{4}{8}\]
Oh no you are perfectly fine, and the placement of each number in the equation i have just written doesnt matter, with one stipulation. That stipulation is that one triangle corresponds to either the denominator or the numerator. meaning that 10/5 = 8/4 is the same thing as the previous equation. BUT REMEMBER THAT IS ONLY FOR DOING RATIOS!!!!
the second question didn't ask for x. But yes that has answered my question.
ohhhhh ok ok, but you have the information you need now?
Yes I do and I'm gonna print this out so I have it to work with. Thank you again :)
absolutely no problem at all, that is what i am here for!

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