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what would you do if you were me? my poem check it. :( anyone? lots an lots of me here.

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what would you do if you were me? a mother that's haven't been there for me, never tucked me in, gave me a hug or said she loves me. she never taught me anything and i had to find out myself when she should have been there and not by myself. if you were me i keep fooling myself thinking i'm in love. every time i think but i fall so ha and gently pick my self up doing my best to pick my self up, with moving no ones there. if you were me one point i would have done what no one thought a good girl can do. outside placid inside alone and tortured i need a friend, in all only three kind of friends that kind of know me. if you were me i'm waiting for someone to truly see, my chapters yet unwritten, question is what you would do if you were me, my emotions locked up an almost open just think of what you see.
@Mid_night132 as well. :( anyone reply soon.

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Other answers:

Was this inspired by personal experience? Hey, would you mind listening to the song glorious by russ dixon? This is very good, btw. :-D
I would post it to the Writing section of OS since the music section is for music purposes.
It's possible that she was planning to convert it into a song.
Beautiful Kate !!!
yeah thinkin of a song, an this is all true.
i was just foolin myself, thinkin i was in love trappin in the lies, just because you saw me i flung myself at you. your sweet all i can say, but right now you're just a friend, a crush, believe me i don't want you hurt, i've got no intention but right now i'm not ready. you hear me now an push me away like all the others i let myself out a bit, i just don't want to get hurt. i'm sorry forlyin to you you're just not the one i cry myself to sleep screamin in my head, who is the one to save me lyin here in bed? well. :(
I know how you feel. I feel the same way right now about this one guy... But I like what you wrote. Please check out my post.
thank you.
thinkin this way hopeless an helpless i'm sorry for feelin this way, never meant for you to be hurt. i was foolin myself an i need someone to see me, i feel alone with these voices screamin in my head, i need someone to hold me i've never been loved so it's so hard to feel.
yeah @chaylacryder all personal an i think i heard the song.
pushin back thrown away over and over, left behind i thought someone would be there. maybe someday but not today not many people close enough, for you to know me, ha! no one knows the real me. look once at me and others look the other way, i look nice and complete outside, but if you read people you'll see i'm damaged, repeatedly i thought someone like you was right, guess i was wrong.
the escape only my dreams, an they don't make sense always tied waitin for my hero. guess torture can never be escaped even in your dreams, always tired stay up late an get up early to see guess you couldn't be my remedy. it's not your fault, but i feel so empty, your not it guess i'll have to wait but i can tell i was never straight. insanity is close guess a girl like me can never be loved.
thank you @Danny_Boy :(
its all true.
Hey did you and your bf work out @poetrylover?
poems, turns out i don't feel that way about im. :( i flung myself at him an he makes me laugh but no real connection. :(
mama again yellin at me, guess an airhead of a daughter could never see, i can tell she doesn't love me. a moron of a girl she says, i can tell she never loved me, last night i cried myself to sleep waitin to escape. few more years of this voices of the past catchin up, mama few more years of this, i quietly endure it my face shows nothin, but my heart is breakin you never loved me, but i wonder will i be loved, and escape your glare an hurtful words?
I love it! It's beautful and you can tell that those words came from the hear!
this is so deep :( fantastic
i knda fell in love with words , its so heart touching
thanks, do i sound mopey? i'm feelin so alone. :(
i feel a bit better, that someone's listen before trapped in my own personal hell, countin down the days till my escape. all i want is to see the world leavin an startin all over again maybe someone will be there. thank you for listen a part of me is fixed, but to truly feel again i don't know. i'm scared for tomorrow but glad one more step to freedom question is i ask almost all the time will i an can i be loved? thanks guys.
alone in my head endless torture awaitin months to go on till i can escape t the sanctary, guess i won't be back for awhile countin down the days till my prison begins. i think i'll be okay, just numb while the words rip me apart i'll be fine i'll tell myself, but it is sadly a lie. i'll wait i'll be okay even if i'm alone. i'm scared all the same though. i'll make it through i think.
i'm not in love i guess i never had been never a guy, never been kissed just fantasies i can't believe i fell for this romeo! uggh he was a flatter and maybe we can be friends, i don't know who am i to say i don't think i can ever be loved. all my life i'm stupid, ugly, boyish, shy who'd ever want a girl like me? i put up with my momma dealing with the blows from all the years comin up, an physical blows when i was little don't worry they stopped years ago. guess what i'm sayin is that who'd ever want a girl like me damaged this way, no one knows my mind better than me and the words and voices come in at night whispering i stay up as long as i can an fall asleep latter. guess right now i just want to curl up and cry forget the world and be small.
you aint alone people and friends are there for ya
I don't actually know what your going through, but like @lovemenplayhard said, you're not alone @Poetrylover.
thanks im over it.
Thats good. :D

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