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Belive is a word but do we actually do it as a kid we "belive" in the Easter bunny Santa Claus e.t.c. As we grow older belive seems to become a strong word that seems to be harder to com across. We may tell ourselves and say to ourselves that we belive in arealationship but we know it won't work we may belive that we will make it trough everyday with at least one smile but that often than not does not happen so what is the word belive should you really be using that word all the time think about it you may just change your mind

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I don't understand. What is the question here?
It isn'ta questin it is my own peice of work I write poems/stories and I wre themin music and writing just for feedback
Sorry, Im lost lol im very confused on what the meaning of the poem is supposed to be and the words just confused me lol. But then again im dyslexic so it could just be me lol

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Other answers:

It meansshouldwe really"belive" in stuff belive is a very complicated word and you souldn't just you uset as aneveryday word think befor you say thword belive it could alwa come back tohaunt you I wrote this abouta realationship/guy
Oh kk it makes since now lol. I feel the same way about the word Love
i like it!! :)
awww, i understand, but for me i don't feel it. :(
I understand it its definetly hard to belive sometimes.
This is definitely not related to music. Not even a little bit.
Well I meant to post it in writing but also thank you for all of the comments on it I really apperciate it :)
poopsie are you contradicting yourself?
@Poetrylover No, his first comment was correcting her spelling.
lol ok I didn't spell it right cool
oh my bad. :/

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