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OK, I think we should actually post about MUSIC in the MUSIC section! Not, "OMG do you like my new song?" "Listen to me sing!" No, put that on Facebook. This section is for actual NOTATION and COMPOSERS. Please.

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I agree with you to a certain point. Sometimes things get carried away, and the questions are off topic. But, your post is also irrelevant to music. It is feedback, hence it would be best go under the section, "OpenStudy Feedback". (: As for the types of posts allowed, Music group has many purposes. As long as you are sharing your own work, whether it be lyrics, poetry, or you singing a song, if its free of vulgar language, it is perfectly fine. Refer to: Code of Conduct: Music Group guidelines, created by Shadowfiend and highlighted by @poopsiedoodle :
First off, let me tell you, you will never win this battle. It's been fought many times with myself at the forefront and nobody even cares. Secondly, I support your efforts to direct this section to a more educationally based environment, however, I do think it is ok to post ORIGINAL MUSIC. As per the music section rules. What is not ok is the useless teenage cliche poetry that is so abundant here along with the occasional "OMG this is my favorite song "'BLAH BLAH' by JUSTIN BIEBER" ". Unfortunately this section is not moderated very closely at all and therefore it will most likely be shut down soon.
*should go to feedback*

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Other answers:

I agree with tanner on this one.
I don't see how that would really be any of your concern. Just saying, but it isn't harming anyone.
Kathy, have you read the rules for the music group yet? I believe that they made it quite clear in the rules what was to be posted in here, and what was not to be posted in here. Breaking the rules harms the creator of the rules because it takes away from their authority, and in this case, makes people think they can do whatever they want, because there are no repercussions. It also gets people all flared up when you mention to them that they're doing what they're not supposed to, because they don't know the rules because everyone else completely disregards them. While we're on the subject, here are some good reads to accompany this post:

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