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I'm making something new :D It's called request a bird. Idea: @Ashleyisakitty Starter: @Amber♥theworld btw @dumbsearch2 don't stop your create-an-owl people like it i'm just making something different. Thanks! ~Amber

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Oh and something new it's not just create a bird it's create an animals
I WANT a BLACK owl!! with a white suit!! with a black tie :3 i dont know what else to add xD
so how do you make the animal?

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Other answers:

lol ok
its called the internet and paint
oh ok I want an owl with a lightsaber
alright i'm making them now
ok thanks
your welcome
I want my owl to be black lol, and he has to have Jordan on with a Chicago bulls sweat shirt and a snap back :P i want mine to be original
alright i'm making your owl its gonna be epic lol
lol ikr :3 company is already finished with yours...
Mine? what do you mean lol
go check it out darrius!
I dont know how to? xD
Wow, you've all got some competition going on. So there is SWAG, Parth, Snuggie, Ari, Sean.. who elses "company" and I missing? lol
Create An Owl! Free Custon Designs! Go check it out!
Create-an-animal it's create ANY animal you want and make it unique
Well of course its free .-. Who'd pay online, to someone they don't know, to get an owl sketch custom made?
Although I like your idea Amber, I'd stick to owls... since its the OS mascot and all. (:
We also greate any animal but we normally make owls since we are showing pride fro the site
I'm doing Darrius's owl
Agreed Snuggie. And Darrius already got an owl, Amber. .-.
Amber i can tell you right now it is not your idea. The point is Swag and i already made this idea long before you did.
are you still makin mine
Custom owls is what we do! Dino yes we are!
Lets not start a bunch of junk. This is our job amber. Not yours!
you don't even know what I want
Im sorry i thought you submited a form...If you would like one. go to the page dumbsearch just fixed up.
Lets not fight. Snuggiee you know its pointless to fight >.>
yup thats why only dinosour is getting his owl and snuggie i still havent gotton mine -_-
I know...Its just her making pointless competition
If i give you yours will you close down your thread?
I finished it a long time ago
i'll close it down snuggie now can i have my owl?
check your email and close this down
Thank you. Please never start stuff like that again. This is our job. We were swamped with stuff and i had to make yours later

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