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open study has become so stupid, no one helps with questions or guides you and the rules are nothing now k bye

OpenStudy Feedback
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Hasnt it always been that way?
If you feel that way why don't you suggest ways we can make open study a better place??
there are a select few ppl who help, like making this webaite only study, why dont we cut out the small talk and the other things we talk aout

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Other answers:

lol darrius would pick the black bird too :P . Reaper534:well im just on to see msgs and not reply later . LoveYou*69:Lol yes ilikebeer is pretty attractive xD wait what? XD . Darrius:LOL ikr1:48 pm Report . UmarsBack:Hoe alert. . Darrius:@ reaper . ^^ convo ppl have
It depends on what they are talking about if it happens to be educational if it's not tell them to take it to chat
Did that come from music chat? Usually those idiots talk about that stuff in music chat.
yes yes it did
@BananaBoat42 lets be polite :)
Don't put any hope on music group ever being educational.
And if its from chat don't worry about it
Saying OS is being dumb is not helping anything. This is the feedback section. Give feedback on how OS could be better, not just trash talk it.
trash talking is sometimes the best thing to do.
That won't solve anything @ethompsonn if you feel that there's too much chatting that's not educational that's in chat ignore it and move on
well the free chat is just taking pplz time not letting them learn, exc
But it doesn't involve you
  • uri
@ethompsonn I will help you with Grammar related Questions,You can ignore the chats,and tag people,they will help you.. :(
ppl usually get really mad when u tag them:/ and its just math, and science i need, but thanks:)
  • uri
Don't leaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
iwont, i enjoy talking to ppl, and i get some of the help i need! it just would be nice to get more help once in awhile:)
Message me anytime you need help or any mod or amby :)
lol @Darrius is one of the worst ;P but yeah. the chats have always been prettty bad. ever since I joined, tho, it's declined. Especially the music chat.
If you need help with anything post it in a chat that is active. During the day there are not a huge amount of people online but after school time at about 2:00 est.. the site blows up. If you need help that is the best time. If its an off subjec it can be difficult for people to find so like i said find the most active chat, normally math or music and post it there. Thats when people come running. I am so sorry you have had this problem. I have never seen a problem from you so please post it. Make it a point to let the most people see it that you can. If worst comes to worst post it in the wrong place. Dont do that unless there is no other way.
Can't you just ignore the chats ? I really don't know what the mods are doing, maybe they're not enough.
i just fanned you bc/ i like how you talked it out with people here. and i gave you a medal too!
mods aren't doing much of anything.
ha, thx:) @BostonBlue , i hate conflict
its music chat ?? why worry. that one has the least moderation. + your qs were not related to music, so...?
@LoveYou*69 is pretty bad, too! O_O
HEY -_-
What's the Problem and what you want from this Site ... This site and Site's people helping you other then what the problem dearrrrrrrrrr
I dont think Dumbsearch means it LoveYou. He is jk
Okay :P
He said im the worst, so not true. there umar.
@dumbsearch2 what are you doing man :D
Time to close this discussion. EThomson, you can use OpenStudy and get help by asking questions. If you do not want to chat, you never need to go there. Our community likes tohang out and chat - on a range of topics. They get to know each other and become friends through this. They are then cool with a little teasing (like what Dumbsearch said about LoveYou). As far as you are concerned, if you feel it is a "stupid" site, please feel free to walk away. There are about 200,000 users who would disagree with you. Many have managed to get As in their tests with help from OS peeps. If you want help figuring out how to manage the system, how to get help etc, one of the Ambis can help you. But you are going to have to live by the OpenStudy Code of Conduct. Be nice. Be helpful. Thank others for their help. There are many people here who live by that Code. If you feel you can't do that, then there is no compulsion for you to come to the site. If you have constructive feedback - we welcome it.
@preetha, he's some constructive feedback. I'm sure you've heard it many, many times. In this world, not everyone is going to obey a rule just because it's right, morally, or because it's written on a CoC. You know what ? Enforce a better community. If they're not gonna do it on their own, enforce it. Get some mods. They're many which deserve it. Get mods to go on Music chat OR Just get rid of that Music group all together.
@darrius umar ? umar's not on this thread
He meant umars worse than him :P
oh LOL :P
I was refering to " Reaper534:well im just on to see msgs and not reply later . LoveYou*69:Lol yes ilikebeer is pretty attractive xD wait what? XD . Darrius:LOL ikr1:48 pm Report . UmarsBack:Hoe alert. . Darrius:@ reaper " @LoveYou*69

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