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Owlfred and Sons designs! Official Owl Avatar Co. To request a custom owl go to: We understand the multiple tries on this whole owl designing thing. We are getting together a team who is willing to work together. What makes us better. We do in fact only make owls. We bake the best of the best owls as that is the mascot here at OpenStudy! If you would like other animals go to @SWAG 's thread where he makes other animals! He is great at it! If you would like us to make you another animal we can but swag would probobly be faster as owls are rush delivered. Ran By our amazing design team of @SnuggieLad and @Compassionate

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If u need help i would be willing to... It would give me something to do..
That'll be great, God. However, you'll need to have experience with graphic designing.
no i didnt

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Other answers:

comp did
ive made one for my friend
How many years of designing do you have? Do you use any professional editing programs?
no but i draw on paint and stuff
and i have a website.. if tht counts
I don't control who joins or not. If you were to join, you'd take really basic request. The more complicated request go to the users with more experience.
ok.... i dont need to help i just dont do anything with my life so
WOW This is depressing.
what is?
Firstlyy, I thought I understood that this was a reformation of my previous company. Yet, this whole damn thing was launched without a single word, not even the slightest thing discussed from me. Anyways, enjoy your run. And take off the funking credit of me on the thread.
Woah, now, Dumbsearch, no one here is trying to incite any drama or anything. We agreed on the name Hooters Designs. You, as always, are a major part of the team. Just calm down and think it over, maybe this is a good thing. We still respect you equally.
@dumbsearch2 Please watch your language cause cussing is against the CoC here.
we.... did ? @Compassionate I thought we aggreed that "hooter" mean't "breast" in slang.
I doubt it. I didn't even have one say in making this.
No, the reason we are using it is because owls hoot. not for any other reason.
I like the name because it's the sound owls articulate but at the same time implies edgy language. It's sort of like a pun.
lol you could have at least bothered to link me to the spreadsheet
i emailed you @ me acount a long time ago
But It doesn't matter. I'm not part of this garbage.
And your not giving me permission to the document.
Oh, and do you mind getting off the generator I programmed off the post ? I don't want something that I programmed in your name, and I'm through with all this stuff.
I took off the genorator when i took off your name...why dont you check...and take a look at the last edited thing
Oh. Thanks man.
Your welcome :) If you would like an owl just go ahead and fill out the document above!
You changed the name.....
Here comes Preetha to save the day! Now make meh a sammich! \[ \begin{array}l\color{red}{\text{(}}\color{red}{\text{U}}\color{red}{\text{S}}\color{red}{\text{E}}\color{red}{\text{R}}\color{red}{\text{ }}\color{red}{\text{W}}\color{red}{\text{A}}\color{red}{\text{S}}\color{red}{\text{ }}\color{red}{\text{B}}\color{red}{\text{A}}\color{red}{\text{N}}\color{red}{\text{N}}\color{red}{\text{E}}\color{red}{\text{D}}\color{red}{\text{ }}\color{red}{\text{F}}\color{red}{\text{O}}\color{red}{\text{R}}\color{red}{\text{ }}\color{red}{\text{T}}\color{red}{\text{H}}\color{red}{\text{I}}\color{red}{\text{S}}\color{red}{\text{ }}\color{red}{\text{P}}\color{red}{\text{O}}\color{red}{\text{S}}\color{red}{\text{T}}\color{red}{\text{)}}\color{red}{\text{}}\end{array} \]
and you changed the names from hooter to owlfred sons lol
Sorry guys. Good luck with the project :) Sorry I was being irritating, wish you the best :)
eh- ari's not on the team ?
I thought yesterday he was re-joining :P but meh
snuggielad, you did fuzzy select on that and then filled it with a gradient, right ?
It just looks like a gradient.
hmm ^
yes i did
@EvonHowell everything in your request is fulfulled! and more! Thank you all for using Owlfred and Sons!
@abb0t Your request cant be fulfilled as there isnt enough information
1 Attachment
the tools are diferent on photoshop so ask me what i did not what the tools are
dayum. can I join ? :3
@redred413 My colligue is working on yours dont worry. It will be done later on.
Um. Do you mind ?? Can I join? :/
You don't even have to credit me.
Please ?
omg I never thought I would have to ask to join a company I created. :/
Sorry if you're waiting on me to complete something. @SnuggieLad message me what you want me to do and I'll get it done by tonight. I'm busy currently.
geez. I wish you would allow me into your team. :/
ok dumb. your back in
sean your added...
@AriPotta I just want to give you the option...I am going to add you as an admin if you ever feel like doing an owl please do. We want you to be happy and have fun. All i need is your email address. gmail to be exact...
too late. :/
Guess what happened.
Prolly the competitors tried to report me.
too late. :/
we are still taking requests everyone
So you evaded your suspension? You gunna get banned Permanently js
i suggest taking request in private messages because otherwise people can just come in here and take the request
This has nothing to do with you @EvonHowell
evon stop right there dont type any more
for real. dont start with the imma ambie stuff...leave it as it is...we are haneling it...along with the mods
I was letting dumbsearch what is going to happen sooner or later I am only here to maybe just MAYBE keep things under control. And Snuggie I wasn't gonna start the I'm an ambi stuff. So untill you know what I am typing don't start accusing.
everything is under control evon
If you don't know the situation don't get involved please. It is settled for now
you all need to get laid

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