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Design-An-Owl created by: @Amber♥theworld :)

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uh, what happened with you and @swag ?
i dont want that anymore
So, Create-An-Owl Build-An-Owl and now Design-An-Owl So many designers to choose from...

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Other answers:

what, @jazy? Create-An-Owl/Build-an-Owl are the same thing. They're mind. She's trying to be a copycat... ;)
thats all she is doing is copying people...swag will be furious
no design-an-owl was totally my idea and it's a diff name so be qiet Sean
Geez, but seriously. They'res poopsie's owls, they'res swag's owls, they're my owls and they're their owls.... seems to be all thats changed...
idc what yall think this is my thread and shean then close down
snuggielad, no conflict. We'll just let her do her own thing. I left, and aripotta did too because of the fighting envolved with the competitors ;p
Can't you guys stop discussing. Seriously, all 3 of you need to relax. :/ You're not making a profit from this, and people can just make owl on there own if they choose. Competition? "Losing customers" to other users? Copyrighting ideas? Come on! Wasn't this for the pure fun of it? You're losing the OS owl spirit.
geez. wow. Whenever I comment negatively on @Amber♥theworld's stuff I get suspended for "too many reports". Coincidence ?
Guys calm down!
She keeps reporting you...She cant do havent really said anything wrong. You havent said anything against her nor have I
Let us not discuss this topic any more. Friends, let us *not* criticize any one from now and being ambassadors you all should understand your duties and unite yourself. Give some inspiration to the other users by ending this conflict.
huh ? amber just wants to compete :/ + I'm sick of this suspension nonsense. When I barely mention that they're too many threads for these designs. Anyways, Peace and Love :/
Last line "Anyways, Peace and love " . Loved this line Sean.
I was joking when I said this: "Too many OWLS! OMG I CAN'T HANDLE THIS" but I wasn't joking when i said this: "snuggielad, no conflict. We'll just let her do her own thing." So life's good. Let's keep it cool.
Great Sean! Thanks a lot.
what do yall think for my first owl? i tried and u know that
1 Attachment
its ok other then the clothes
@amber♥theworld Thats what i wanted to hear! I tried. You have acted like you have a little to big of an ego this period of time. I do request you don't use my rainbow owl as it was programmed for seans program. While i do not call copyright becuase i want to be kind i ask that you please make your own rainbow owl and not use mine.
all you have had to do is step down off your high horse and ask for help. Ask me to teach you and i will
Good job @Amber♥theworld
Lets be peaceful. I'm glad we stopped this nonsense ;) It seemed fairly childish
That is not how you use 'y u no' guy.
and btw @SnuggieLad, that was my own rainbow owl, i made the entire thing by myself
and btw thanks Sean i did try :)
No, you did not make that rainbow by yourself. The background owl is IDENTICAL to the one on my generator.
So stop fibbin'
haha ^ Sean :)
judge for yourself the owl rainbow is the same Background you can use on my generator: and what you did:
Kids should stop making these, "owl things." They have little to no experience in the field. If they want to, fine, go ahead. But for us legit designers, who know how to GFX and edit photos, who use actual software, it makes the rest of us look bad.
@SnuggieLad , @dumbsearch2 @AriPotta , @SWAG, and the rest of the teams, actually ake really good ones!
@dunbsearch2 the owls are the same just different eyes lol
Why dosnt she just ask to help?
uhhh...i havent been online in a while but i am playing the bs card...the owl was not made by you...that was my owl...THANK YOU VERY MUCH...i have the original png...and i dang well promice it is nearly impossible to make the same owl when you use gradiant as it is system generated...concidering you usi pain it is impossible for you to have made that...
1 Attachment
@snuggielad, I did make that owl background. I didn't use yours. You can check, compare yours and mine. And chillax, dude.
(I'm dumbsearch2 btw)
Oh lovely, Another user making a owl thread. Thanks for letting me know you did not want to work with me anymore. @Amber♥theworld. It is ok, all is well.
lol my @dumbsearch2 account got suspend for the last comment I made here, saying that they're too many owl threads. >.<

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