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Calling all Coders. I have an Idea for an addon for FireFox but need help in the creation. @dumbsearch2

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A icon on the firefox base, This icon openes a sidebar which has the flexbox chat options and lists all the groups here that you can click on and view the top questions. I think this would be a good feature becuase a lot of people are homeschooled and cant be online all the time but it would be nice to be able to get our notifs while we are doing schoolwork and not be in openstudy all the time
my basic idea..nothing works...just sketched it in photoshop...i will ad more with the basic funtions
Its just in the drawing stages but here is my idea @Preetha This one is the basics of what it would look like...obviously its not fixed up yet

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Other answers:

this is if you had clicked on a question this would pop up
this shows that the chat is active
1 Attachment
when you click on the chat button it pops up with all the active chats
1 Attachment
when you click on the chat you want it opens it up
I'm not a coder and don't know anything about codes.
I was just asking what you think @abb0t
It's a good idea. I'd imagine it'll be like coding any other Firefox app.
yeah @Compassionate I would think so but i would like help...thats why i have been trying to get ahold of @dumbsearch2
I'm still learning basic HTML...
that's really cool bro! how would you change subjects? would you be able to minimize it but still be able to see if you got notifications and if the chat was active? like when it's maximized, you could see the chat flashing, but when it's minimized, would there be a way to see it flashing without it being big? idk if that made any sense or not. and i can't really help :/ i know nothing about that at all. but i could give feedback once you have started it up
I've been working on a chrome extension for OpenStudy, I've been working on it for a while. I'll release in a little bit.
I dont use chrome...a lot of people dont..thats whi i wanted help with firefox
Firefox is 18.17% percent global.
i use chrome ._.
EXACTLY Chrome is used a heck more.
Even though I don't care for it on a privacy standpoint :P
i like how ie is used more than firefox lol
OK! whateva. I'll cook some little online demo.
I think the output should be something like this: (this is a very rudementary demo in HTML showing how it could look like)
It's a website, which shows how the layout would be if I made a Firefox extension.
This is heavenly.
what is ? :3
your dealio.
@dumbsearch2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...i want that so bad...that is amazing...MAKE IT!!! I LOVE THAT! THATS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IN MIND!
I would love to see both the chrome and the firefox apps. Thanks for doing this.
Yep, I'm releasing it in a little bit :)

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