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The logo for my IDE (for my new programming language)

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here it is :3
1 Attachment
looks awesome :3

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Other answers:

thanks :3 I made it with the twist effect in Paint.NET, and the dents effect.
cool! i was just about to ask how you did it too lol
I really like it, the only constructive criticism I have about it is that the outer ring has so much going on, and its very cool and interesting, and the "v" in the middle is just a red block type v. just looking like it got dropped there. Still very cool design, but just my little bit of input if you were looking for any, great job!
I don't mind criticism :p
i agree with dave on the v. i think you should try to put some texture on it or change the font maybe
I think it might be a little small too. What does the v stand for? isnt the language called IDE?
no, the language isn't called IDE.
the IDE is what you use to make programs using the language.
The language is called "V".
the v should be bigger
ohhhhh well then that makes a lot of sense haha, in the initial post you put IDE haha. but i do agree with @AriPotta it should be bigger, maybe even overlapping the ring
I meant that the IDE supports my new language :p
ohhhhh ahaha
it's a bit big for a logo, isn't it
nah, it looks fine with my program. I'm about to upload a screenshot of it :p
but yeah, the V does need to be MUCH bigger.
1 Attachment
any comments on the IDE design? :p
haven't worked on the design for it too much
i think you should do what dave said and make the v huge, overlapping the ring. then, you could clearly see it and i don't know anything about programming stoof. so i can't really help there :/
I made the V bigger, and ari, the IDE design doesn't have to do with the language, it's how the program looks :p
looks ok to me. i've never seen any others, so i don't have anything as reference
I can send you a screenshot of Microsoft Visual Basic, if you want me to :p
That's what I'm using to make my IDE.
Ari, this is VB.
1 Attachment
ooh you should make yours pretty like that
l0l. If only I knew how to code all of those buttons :p
I updated it.
1 Attachment
aw i liked it that red/orangey color
Meh. I can change it back.
the v should overlaaaaaaaaap
nuh :< that's what the blank space in the middle is for.
I think you should use another font. I agree with dave.
I probably will end up using a different font.
I use IDEs all the time for programming ;P I actually have some VB.NET experience.
well, it doesn't actually "compile" yet. It just creates a temporary console application that does whatever the V code tells it to do.
An amazing, modenist (more metro style) free font is Lato. A free funkier one is Raleway.
@opcode LOOKIE.
dummy, have you tried the IDE yet? :3 I've added another command.
ain't an ide if it dont compile :P
but ya. will do.
That's something I'm gonna work on when I'm done with the basic stuff. And don't download the one I uploaded.
Because that's not the newest one.
actually, some web-language IDEs don't compile anything, just syntax-highlighting and cooler enviro :P
Becasue the browser does that stuff :P
what should I download, then ?
Imma upload the newer one.
@poopsiedoodle Try writing the "V" in a curvy font.
good idea :D
Good job! @poopsiedoodle
1 Attachment
i like this font ._.
1 Attachment
aw :c
I like it with my font :3
your font's too girly

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