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A dominant allele K is necessary for normal hearing. A dominant allele M on a different locus results in deafness no matter what other alleles are present. If a kkMm individual is crossed with a Kkmm individual, what percentage of the offspring will be deaf?

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1/4= 25%
Let me TRY this problem as I am also working on genetics right now. I did a cross off Kk x kk and 0.5 are deaf. Also crossing Mm x mm 0.5 deaf. Multiply the b/c they are independent but occur together? = 0.25 = 25%¿¿?? If someone could check this? Lol
I was trying to solve for it but it gave me something completely different. I usually pair them and do the punett square so kM km kM and km with Km Km km km

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Other answers:

however doing this method I get 50% of them will have the allele M which throws me off because that doesn't look right ( and isn't right anyway) However the method used is right. I think O.o
You did a dihybrid cross?
Yeah xD well what Mendel used to verify his second law.
Would using a dihybrid cross be wrong ? O.O
I just checked my notes and the way you did it is just fine for probabilities but i don't understand how a punett square can't do it x.x
oH, awesome. If you got n e more questions, tag me. I think it's good practice. We could set up a discussion :3 I think my midterm is next Tuesday.
Mine too its tuesday actually haha. And I shall, I'll probably have more tomorrow night. Pedigree time^^
ahh. i have some pedigree question i was gonna ask if my prof didn't explain it to me right :3 but yeah, i'll try n come on tmrw n we can discuss it together.
Sounds good haha^^ good luck tell me how it goes. I'll give you my question if you want practice :P
Yeeeh. I' still havent mastered pedigree yet. I just went over codominance and incomplete dominance and the basics.
But sure, post em up and i'll use em 2 study :)
ALright Ill do that later, and yeah i have genetics, evolution and something else on my test. Bio is so heavy huehuehue.

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