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Alright guys and girls!!! I am going to make a few tutorials on how to editit things on photoshop. The ideas and methods are the most important things I will be teaching. So if you dont have photoshop don't worry! you can use gimp or any other program, I am just showing you the basic concepts. I have been taking photography for three years now and I have been using the program and learning for about twice that! Now I have somthing to ask you...WHERE DO I START??? There is so much to cover I want to know where you think I should start. Pick one of the following: Basic to advanced touch up (two or three video tutorials) Owl editing (one or two video tutorials [what you learn here can go towards any animal or object you create.])

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Start with the basic idea, describe the tools available in Photoshop. Then you start with making a simple drawing.
K...i guess tha falls under the first cat...that is what i planned to do but i didnt know which to start on...
Start with a simple task. 1. How do I import an owl jpeg into PS and change its color to pink. 2. Now how do I add a hat?

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Other answers:

Instead of video tutorials maybe step by step written instructions with pictures? My TA used to do that for AutoCad and it helped so much
Nice :3
I can do that too :) @acullen425
Can you help me with 3D art design? Just some basic things? There it is! Here is the picture I used...just in case you need to replicate the results
you never realize how high pitched your voice is until you record it...
Anyway. I am done. I will have a new one later. This is part one. There will be a part two.
@Opcode what do you need?
Well I'm creating meshes for a game, and I need a little help with doing it. Do you have any knowledage in knowing how to export them?
If i do anything 3d i use daz studio...
wrong one...this is after i did the eyebrows is what i will teach how to do in the next tutorial...
A great idea would be to start at the top maybe, importing thorough camera raw ( or equivalent) and why shooting in RAW is important. Understanding the concepts of temperature exposure and lens correction. And a short overview over file formats ( lossy, lossless) so people understand what to save in. Just stemming of your knowledge in photography. Good luck and thank you for contributing!

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