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Here's a song that I helped my sister record. Let me know what you think.

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this is amazing. is that ur sis singing ? i also like writing songs and singing ....and i dance:P
Yup, that's her. I mainly just helped with the recording and effects. That's cool though. Do you play any instruments?
Ooh I like it! She has a lovely voice and the lyrics are nice too. I do wish the string effects blended more; they seems a little but too bold when they start and finish. Also if the guitar was a little louder it make the song more balanced. Other than that it was great! Thanks for sharing:)

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Other answers:

im practicing on the piano with my bro and i want to learn how to play guitar :]
@jollysailorbold Yeah, I know. It's what I get for crappy recording equipment. because I didn't have to record the synthesized strings, they sound more full as apposed to the guitar which was recorded with a crappy mic. It's the best blending I was able to get with the equipment I had. @calah that's cool. Do you sing as well?
yea. i also dance(hiphop dance)
That's cool. I don't love hip hop. I have a little brother that loves that stuff though. What kind of music do you write?
This was i do put it...Freakin Amazing! Your sister has a great voice n your great at effects :)
Yeah, I tend to have that effect with my crappy equipment:/ It takes out a lot of nice sounds that you hear naturally, I hate it. I do use a nice program that I've gotten the hang of. What program are did you use to put it together? I'm pretty sure you can make the volumes blend together. Also, did your sister write the song?
Yeah, my sister wrote it. She deserves most of the credit. I just used garage band. And I didn't spend very long on it. I should go back and fix it, but I tend not to do that after I've already moved on.
i write all kinds of music. anything i can think of.
Ooooooo! I love this song! The vocals, music, the words, everything! If you guys ever do a recording contract I would definitely buy a song like this. I've listened to it like 4 times already in the past few minutes! How old are you guys?
Yep mind blow,she is amazing!!! Tell her to go on X factor or some show like that i totally vote for her!
Hey thanks guys. We're 19 and 20 now. We were 17 and 18 when we did that song.

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