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Hey! Okay I was having a debate with my friend and was yall think it would be okay to offer incentives for charitable acts?

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incentives like what
they already do
like a pizza party or extra points on a test

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Other answers:

but do you think it is "ethical?"
they are called "tax deductions"
oh stuff like that, well charitable donations are tax deductible, so that's one incentive
plus if you run a company that needs good PR, then donating to charity does the trick sometimes
oh im talking about in school specifically!
so you're asking if it's ethical to have a pizza party in exchange for being charitable in the classroom?
charitable in terms of donating money for underprivleged kids, or supplies in a classroom
well you have to pay for the pizza party, so who is going to do that?
if you take it out of the charity trust, then you're using up valuable funds which would better be spent on the actual charity's goals
the school would bay for that
but i dont think it is ethical while some people would beg to differ
ok so if you have a pizza party for each charitable event, then that may condition people to expect a reward every time they donate so it motivates them now, but you want them to donate based on other motivational factors
well say that you want to set up a charity to help find the cure for cancer you would want people donating to find the cure (or better treatments), not just solely based on the idea that they'll get rewarded with pizza
yeah i see your point. so it would be ethical depending on the circumstance?
imagine this scenario: you go up to someone and ask for a donation, and they say no so you say "you get a pizza in return" So they change their mind and you honor that agreement and give them a pizza The second time you ask that same person for a donation (you still need money to find the cure), they will want a pizza or something for a reward. You could keep this up indefinitely, but eventually you'll run out of money paying for pizza and not actually finding a cure.
i see..thank you so much for your input :)

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