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What do Catholics believe in

HippoCampus Religion
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Catholicism is distinguished from other forms of Christianity in its particular understanding and commitment to tradition, the sacraments, the mediation between God, communion, and the See of Rome.
  • Ell
Catholics believe in God, but pray to Marry and thank Joseph, and etc. The problem with this is that Marry, and Joseph and others can't get you into heaven; God does. You pray to God through Jesus Christ. Thank him for marry instead of praying to marry. Hope this helps! :)
Since jesus, is the one ultimate and to say in simple Christianity began with him. Then why there are various groups present in Christianity. And why there is no co-ordination between these groups of people.

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Other answers:

You need all the proof that the Catholic Church is not christian, well here you go. This will give you clear evidence from the bible.
Practically all precepts of the Roman Catholic religion contradicts the Bible repeatedly.
I am sorry if im rude. But why do we religion to get connected with god or to pray god
Its a relationship with Jesus Christ. That's how I see it. But since humanity needed a name for it they made up the word "CHRISTianity."
  • Ell
Other religions can also be seen as "a test of faith" at points in your life
Who is the father of Jesus Christ.
You say "religion." I say "relationship."
  • Ell
God is. He sent down an angel to tell Marry that she will give birth to a son named Jesus. They call her the virgin Marry because she had a husband named Joseph. They never conceived a baby together. God planted Jesus within her.
Mary was given Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit from God.
Then now should we pray god or jesus. Instead of praying Jesus why don't we pray God. Jesus came on to this earth as a human and we are also humans. what make us different from him. Do you mean the super natural powers.
  • Ell
We pray to God through Jesus Christ. In the bible it says "No one shall get to the father, but through me." They both hear you.. It's the power of God
Jesus came on this earth and died for OUR sins. He committed NO sins. That made him different from humans on earth. Also he was not conceived through sexual ways. He was conceived from the Holy Spirit in which God gave to Mary. We pray to God through Jesus Christ.
  • Ell
When Jesus was on earth, he healed many many people. He healed the blind, the deaf, and brought a young girl back from the dead. When he did all this, he prayed up to the father; God. God gave him the power to heal.
Do you people believe that we the people had souls.
Have souls or had souls?
  • Ell
We have a spirit:) When we die, our spirits go to heaven.
what is spirit.
@Ell Not everybody goes to heaven though. Only those that are true children of Christ.
  • Ell
Ik @e.cociuba , only the ones that are saved, are a child of God, and live for him.
@Ell True That! :))
We are the children of God and jesus also a child of God. Then why the god made difference between us and Christ.
  • Ell
Haha(: Think of spiritual. In the bible it says God is three in one; "The father, son, and the blessed holly spirit" meaning he shows up and is all 3 of those things. A spirit is something you can't see but is watching over you; in God's case. Like when your love one passes, their spirit moves on, but you can always feel them beside you or in your heart; Its like your guardian angle in some cases. We are all God's children. But You are a child of God if you confess your sins to him and give your life to him. Jesus came to earth to show God's love. Jesus came to this world to save everyone of us from our terrible sins. He died and rose. He is alive and he is our savior.
No human is born with sin.
  • Ell
Actually, every human is born with sin. That is a mistake lots make. You are born into a sinful world.
God wanted to show himself through the works of Jesus Christ. Jesus came on this earth to show God's true love for us. The world was so blinded by sin and the truth was being torn into sin and seen as right. So that's why God brought Jesus Christ into to the world. To forgive our sins and save us from hell.
@Ell Beautiful Speech! :))
  • Ell
Nicely Put @e.cociuba and thanks!
@Ell ^^ correct that's why baptisms are done.
  • Ell
Yes! to profess your love for God and that you've givin your life to him!
Few other religions also had people who do not have a birth but exists. Those religions also say these people come here to save people from sin. What's your opinion on this.
i am sorry to ask this. But who written Bible.
  • Ell
Those are 'religions' that people create themselves. Those are lies, I'm sure they say the same about us, but think the bible is a piece of history. History that has been proven! the bible is a book written by people years and years ago, documented on paper and called the bible. The bible is the #1 Best Selling Book Of the World. But the #1 book not read because it demands something of you. So people take what they don't like and twist it to 'their religion' and keep the parts they like. That's wrong. During the Holocaust a girl named Ann Frank documented her days on paper. It told terrible things of how they lived in hiding from Hitler. Thats history and that's proof. Although shes not here to tell it first person, we still call it a real past event. And yet people still avoid the bible?...
@OMG thts great Ell! Love it ^^
  • Ell
its okay:) and in the bible theres many different testimonies; the book of John, Esther, Joshua, ...etc. The bible is written by Jesus disciples by 1st person; all this disciples...and thanx @e.cociuba !!
  • Ell
* his
Bible is a book written by people years and years ago, documented on paper and called the bible. IF bible is created by people or written by people, they might have put their own observations and views. Infact every human will have different view.
The Bible is a collection of writings from about forty contributors, thirty in the Old Testament and ten in the New Testament. These people told the truth about Christ and told the truth about there lives to show people that God forgives, forgets, loves, etc. This book tells the true way to living a life that's blessed and full of happiness. God's way! :)
  • Ell
Who else would have created the bible? The trees?;) And yes, in the bible many contributed and it each told of their experience with Jesus and what he did while near them.
To my knowledge in early 15th century bible has undergone many changes. why so.
  • Ell
People decide to change it, and alter it. That's why the King James Version is the BEST of all! It may be more confusing but it'd the only one that's true to the bone.
if i get connected with jesus i get my own views and opinions upon him. Is that possible for me to load these into bible.
Because like @Ell said "people take what they don't like and twist it to 'their religion' and keep the parts they like....." That's very true. In fact, this is what leads us back to the main topic. That's exactly what the Catholics do.
  • Ell
God will put you through trials. He never promised it will be easy, he only promised it will be Worth it! Santin will attack you more than ever before as you get close with the lord. But you have to stay strong! It's a test of faith. So just remember...there are gonna be points were you question everything, thats the devil.
You finally say that bible is not the creation of god but the creation of few people who got connected with god.
  • Ell
You don' load anything into the bible. The bible is like your "How to do" at life. It guides you through life.
  • Ell
God chose those people to write the bible. He had that plan for them.
God chose those people to write the bible. He had that plan for them. how do you know this.
  • Ell
Yes @e.cociuba that is right!
I am sorry if im going rude.
  • Ell
You're not rude, it is perfectly okay. I just hope we can answer your questions to the fullest and I hope you understand what we are saying:)
whats your idea on spirituality.
Because in the men's stories they wrote about it. Take ur bible out hun and read it for once. I answered so many of your questions and I will keep continuing to answer them but u need to do ur part and find these answers to ur own understanding. Many ppl are scared to read it cuz they are afraid it will change there thinking and how they live life. And that's a scary thing but the best thing that will ever happen to you! I suggest you read before you judge :)
  • Ell
:) that is true, the reading the word of God is the best thing anyone could ever do when they have questions that need to be answered.
My idea of spirituality's is God's idea of it.
I read few evidential stories of few men and women having Inner hidden super powers.
are these powers really exists.
  • Ell
What kind of 'powers' are you talking about?
No another lie, unless ur talking about the devil possessing them, then yes....
Healing diseases, making alive of who are dead, spreading peace...
  • Ell
God can give extraordinary gifts to some to help others, but nothing like that...those are called false profits.
@Ell ^^ Yup.
I believe Buddha has super natural powers. How did he attain them.
  • Ell
Buddha is a statue that people created and decided to worship.
  • Ell
Buddha isn't real
But there are complete evidences present of his history.
  • Ell
If you look in his tomb is he lying there?
who is lying.
  • Ell
I love the idea of supernatural powers, vampires, witches, and all that fun stuff; i enjoy watching show like that. But i know they are not real and that God frowns upon them. So I stay away from that stuff. and I meant *laying
@e.cociuba @Ell you both are soo.. great... I am searching for the truth. A truth which answers all my Questions. But you both are not suitable for this conversation. If you consider Christianity as ocean Remember every other human also considering their religion as Ocean. But it will be understood when people come out of it and look. I am searching for the truth I should and will look at all everything I need to.
  • Ell
Your welcome. I really hope you see that what we speak is the truth. I will pray that God open your eyes to the truth and convict your heart. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to help you. Thanx for having the patience and all those great questions! I really hope I helped! GBU! :)
If you need the truth then pick up ur bible hun. Np! :) If you every need answers though pray to God and he will answer. Be patient and strong in ur faith! :) If you have any more questions feel free to ask! :) XOXO -e.cociuba
P.S: GBU!!
Leviticus Chapter 5, verse 5 say's not to vow for good or evil, Christ repeated that in Matthew Chapter 5 verse 33-35, so why in this country to people say vows in Church wedding ceremonies, oaths of office, swear on Bibles in courtrooms, and the pledge of allegiance. When the mayflower landed their were select leader and he had a problem of individual interpretation of the Bible. A woman migrated there and was a midwife, with this she was able to spread her interpretations. The leader being afraid eventually exiled her. This is a matter of history and demonstrate that no matter what religion there's those who wish to control others(flock). So to with the Roman Catholic Church which reserves the right to interpret scripture for there flock. There a few self made men today, same goes for self made religious men who were taught by their Lords. With all this talk you should read KJB Psalms Chapter 12 and 15.
If you truly want to understand the Catholic beliefs read the Nicene Creed. Catholics are very traditional and strive to live by the rules given to them in the Bible.

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