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Heres a presntation PLEASE LOOK if you have nothing nice to say please don't waste space worked on by:@pooja195 and @godgavemeyou (this is about chairty) If you liked it please give some feed back :)

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I can't view it. They say I need to request access.
all fixed
Nice little presentation :)

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Other answers:

thank you @crazygirl34 nothing nice to say go away
...*charity NOT CHAIRTY
...dang...i need to start donating more chairs to the chairty...Hey i mean if they open a chair charity they must need chairs right?
@Pooja195, I thought it was very well done! I love how you add God into the mix! My family sponsored a child last year for 9 months. That's how long the term was. We got with a child sponsor organization. We helped pay their bills and buy their food and get them clean clothes. We wrote to them every week and each time we received a reply. He was an 8 year old boy who knew who Jesus was but he wanted to learn more and in each letter, he asked for a new Bible story so it was really cool! He and his family live in Nicaragua. He was very sweet and such a blessing. Though we never met face to face, I miss him very much!
Thats cool @kat0elorranine5 my family did that every yr for a while so i added tht but we never wrote we never meet either we still support children
Very nice Pooja. What next?
Its a very cool presentation :)
@godgavemeyou that's cool :-) I'm katielorraine5. I had to create another account.
Pooja, I love the presentation :-)
Nice Presentation! :)
Great job @godgavemeyou and @pooja ! u should make a website where u give donate ideas @pooja i already emailed @godgavemeyou she said she would think about it
ive been really busy and have no time for another website but i like the idea
so cute I loved it I donate stuffed animals to orphans so they can feel loved
You left out some punctuation, misspelled some words, wrote the wrong words on some slides, and forgot to capitalize some words. But besides that, your presentation was great and really meaningful. Keep up the good work! :D

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