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hey has anyone read the mortal interment series im on the second book and i just have to know does alec every tell jace that he love him i must know

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ahhh no no spoilers, keep reading!! it's a great series :)
haha i know but spoilers ruin things! Plus the situation could change a lot in ways you would never even expect sooo ...

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Other answers:

@lovatic4life yeah no spoilers ;p one of my favorite series! they are so good! Next book comes out next year though... next year! ugh.. also, read her other series.. called the infernal devices... its during a time that takes place before the MI, but read the MI first. It'll make more sense! and be even better! (i've read each book 3-4 time! ID and MI!! hehe) Bonus: the whole series (3 books) is published already so you don't have to experience the agonizing wait... well for this series.. unfortunately, the agonizing wait for the next MI will continue. P annnndd she's working on another series called the Dark Artifices.. linked to these as well! I'm soooo excited! :) Books are forever! :) You are sooo gonna enjoy this series! Cassandra Clare is a genius!
and @stormgirl47, yes they totally can... hehe ;p
Hehe oh yes they most certainly can!! ;)
@stormgirl47 @iheartfood ok do they ever actualy kill simon hes ALMOST dies like 100 times already
that, i cannot tell you :P what book are you on?
i havent got the 3rd one yet but im dont with the first too
@lovatic4life MWAHAHAHAHAHA you must read the books!! It will be worth it.
@iheartfood , as far as the Infernal Devices go, I LOVED the first one but thought the second one wasn't quite as strong. What do you think?
@lovatic4life, yeah you really have to read them all! Except once you're done with them, you'll be in the dark like we are, waiting--it's agonizing... the wait i mean...--for the next book to come out... and then when you read the infernal devices, you're going to be in more pain because you want to know what happens next in the mortal instruments since they are all connected! @stormgirl47, the first one was AMAZING... but then again, aren't all the first books in series fantastic? For example, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The hunger games, even Twilight! lol... not a big fan of the twilight books to be honest... but for me it's hard to choose! I love them all so much!! :) Clockwork Angel really was fantastic, and the ending... oh my gosh, the ending! What an ending don't you think?! And the second one, Clockwork prince, was super good too. In my opinion, this one was just as good! The drama and the twists and turns... well i didn't expect half of the things that happened to happen! And I LOVED the last one. Clockwork Princess was sooo good! Have you read that yet? Seriously, Cassandra Clare sure knows how to write. I thought that after reading Clockwork Princess, itd be like oh! im done with the series! Finally know how things end with Jem, Will, Tessa and all the others! but no, that didn't happen... now i cannot wait for the next mortal instruments book. Can this year just fly by? I want it to be next year already. now! all because of cassandra clare :P lol jk i think i'll live :P And I cannot wait for the movie! But again, books in my opinion are always better than the movie and I don't think this movie will be any different, but i'm excited nevertheless :)
And comparing the first and second of the infernal devices, i think they were both extremely strong, but just in different ways :) if you get what i mean :) but again, the twists and turns and drama and little things that surprise you.. a lot... were present in both books. Amazing novels :)
Yeah I totally agree with you about the whole "first-book-in-a-series" thing. Sooo true. No, I haven't read clockwork princess yet!! I really need to. :D
Yes! You need to read it ASAP! But, warning. You're going to want to reread the mortal instruments and then die from waiting for the next mortal instruments! Because you're gonna discover things about the characters that make you realize connections!
AAaahhhh OK that sounds so great! I love that kind of connection thing. It's the best part about ongoing series that are character-driven!
yeah i know right? And cassandra clare took it to the next level! She connected two series to each other... annndd she's going to connect another series. LOVE these books! lemme know what you think of clockwork princess when you read it! I'm sure you'll love it. You should go read it ASAP! :)
K will do!! And yes I will let you know. Fun talking you about your experiences with the series!
yeah! i'm a serious book lover.. always :)
Me too so much omg :)

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