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I need help on writing a conclusion on why capitalism is better for society. Any tips and/or pointers?

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well there is more choice available and money can come in
I have those for body paragraphs and I have that already added into my conclusion but now I need a closing sentence.
Post what you have so we can read it. A good conclusion will summarize your main body points without repeating them and end with a sentenance that will stick with the reader (an call to action, etc.)

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Other answers:

Therefore, society gains a lot of positive outcomes to those who put hard work and dedication into their education and jobs. With the intention of companies wanting to be successful, and the amount of economic freedom we have plus, each individual wanting to sustain a comfortable and/or easy lifestyle gives capitalism an upper hand
well most people wouldn't agree with you so you could put something that realizes that not everybody will agree but this choice is good for all
Can you post your whole paper using the attach file button just below the reply box so that I can read it and get a better idea of what your argument states?
BTW @cicely Not everybody has to agree with your argument when writing a persuasive essay. In fact, if you picked a topic that everybody agreed on it would not only be rather dry and boring, but would no longer be a persuasive essay. :)
Thanks @jarjarbinks give me a few to look this over.
@jagatuba im not going to say you are wrong on that one. it was just an idea though and i was really never good at closing an essay so.... ;)
@cicely nah, I wasa just sayin'. ;)
@jarjarbinks What grade level are you?
10, english isn't my strongest subject, oh and we needed at least three sources.
Okay. I just had to check because I did not want to give you college level feedback for 10th grade level assignment. It's looking okay so far. You are probably going to want to go into a bit more depth and provide more examples in your body. Your conclusion is okay for now, but you will see ways to improve it as you develop the body a little more. One good way to end your conclusion is by strongly stating your opinion, or stating it as if it were a fact. That would fit good with what you have written so far. Find one sentence that firmly iterates your over all opinion on the subject. and see how that sound. Also, does your teach have any specific formatting requirements such as spacing and foot notes or anything like that? I ask because it's a bit messy right now in the way of formatting,but I know this is a rough draft and the formatting stuff is easy to fix as long as we know what type of formatting the teacher is looking for. PS sorry it took me so long I am at work and am reading and typing between other things I have to do. :)
The format requirements are 12 point font 1'' margins on the side indents on each paragraph single spaced and a title but i usually put the title after have finished the essay. do you have any tips on what and how I can put depth into my body?
also, would this be a suitable closing sentence? "Which is why capitalism is a better suiting economic system for a country."

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