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Is is nice being an ambassador? I'm sure it is, but how does it feel? c:

OpenStudy Ambassadors
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Hmm, feel? I'm not an ambassador myself, but I'll tag some of the ambies I know of. (: @AravindG @Carniel @dmezzullo @EvonHowell @poopsiedoodle @Ashleyisakitty @uri @hba @lexiamee @SnuggieLad @SWAG @andriod09 @ryan123345 @joannaxox3 @pooja195 @mathslover @tafkas77 @tyteen4a03 @energeia @Naveen @klimenkov @TheViper @GOODMAN @KonradZuse @karatechopper @BostonBlue @hartnn are mod/ambies. They were once Ambies, and they're still a part of the team... just without a purple "A", and instead a purple everything. lol
It is nice to be an ambi we are Welcoming new comers to the site we doing so much around the site. It is nice to be an ambi it really is I love it I don't know about the others but I think it is nice. We get to work with some of the Mods and we get the relationship. Being an ambassador sometimes if 1 has a heart ache sometimes we all share the Tears not ALL the time but the Ambassadors are pretty much like family well to me at-least. :).
its nice you get to help people and welcome new comers. i love being an amby its my get away from problems :) we help each other out just like @EvonHowell said were family :) i love being an amby i wanted to be an amby but i did not expect it this quick but you also have to put some effort into it :)

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Other answers:

you would be surprised how quickly you are welcomed into the ambie family when you get get relationships that will last a long time! You welcome new people and get to be the first ones to explain how Openstudy works. You also help them learn how to move around the site. Now, what does it feel like to be ambie... POWERFUL you have all the power of a mod with none of the abilities... jk...It feels exactly the same as you do! We are nothing more than seasoned veterans! We have only been pulled apart from being normal members because we have mastered the site and are willing to help others do the same! We are supposed to welcome new members as we teach them. That is the only difference. The point of the "a" next to our names is only to show users that Hey, we know the site, We have been here a while and if you need help we can show you the ropes! THAT'S IT! That is all that's different! We are the first people they see so they know they can count on us to help them out! Now finally, It is your job too to welcome new members! It is the job of every user who uses Openstudy! We are just the ones that they go to to ask for assistance. We are the "geek squad" of Openstudy. We are like...key word there LIKE staff. While we get no pay it is a position we fill to help OpenStudy and help further a site we believe in the cause of! We are not the staff of OpenStudy, we are not mods, we are simply the user help team.
feels useless at times.
We are just normal users that are here to help other users of the community and help OpenStudy become a better and enjoyable place for anyone that joins.
already said that swag :)
We are rulers pf everything good and evil >:D
@Carniel no were not lol just helpers lol XD
xD Worth a shot
haha funny tho that made my day XD but we make sure good stays in and evil out XD
:x Hard job though.
@SnuggieLad I'm hitting on you :x
lol wow. Anyways, could you guys keep your conversations to chat.... (;
lol @jazy thanx
Np ^.^
You get to tell the rule breakers to be quiet. I've always enjoyed that part c:
Well said by Snuggielad ..I dont have anything to add :)

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