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Help with some english 11 b pleaseeee...?

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go ahead :) be careful though...don't plagerize your schools material! \(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\) \(\Large \color{red}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\mathbb Don’t\:\:\mathbb Forget\:\:\mathbb To~~\mathbb Fan~~\mathbb And~~\mathbb Best~~\mathbb The~~\mathbb Answers!}\) \(\Huge \color{red}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\mathbb Welcome\:\:\mathbb To\:\:\mathbb Open\mathbb Study}\) \(\large \color{red}{~\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-\mathbb Snuggie\mathbb Lad }\) \(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\tiny \color{violet}{*}\)\(\Tiny \color{pink}{*}\)\(\small \color{purple}{*}\)\(\large \color{orange}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\Huge \color{red}{*}\)\(\huge \color{blue}{*}\)\(\LARGE \color{green}{*}\)\(\Large \color{yellow}{*}\)
It may look like i go away but dont worry...i will be back
do you go to any cyber schools?

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Other answers:

...Well that doesnt really matter. It is english right? English is English. Just post it.
well...way to go...doing exactly what i said not to...that is property of FLVS/Connections Academy. Delete that and write it in your own words for help.
i love your greatfulness and encouragement.
I don't know if that was you complimenting me or sarcasm...cause i was actually trying to be encouraging in the first few posts... until she posted the copyrighted stuff.
its complimenting. do you go to connections academy?
Nope but I just did help write a letter to FLVS and Connections academy addressing the ban on openstudy because of the stuff kids are posting on here...they are posting full tests and getting their material out online. Btw...I would change your account name. If that is your real name it is very dangerous bcause you hae CA after it meaning connections academy. They are suspending and expelling kids for using openstudy. and you have given them your real name and proof that you go to that school.
and i am really...really not kidding...they have already sent a warning email
to you or the other person.
i gotta go.
to everyone in flvs and CA
@SnuggieLad I didn't get an email like that..?
Well many did.
@SnuggieLad so are they not wanting kids that go through those schools to use OpenStudy or was it just like a warning not to cheat?
We have been experiencing a recent influx in the number of academic integrity violations involving a web site called “OpenStudy”. OpenStudy is a website we have tremendous concerns about from an academic integrity standpoint. Although they present themselves as a tutoring site, students are often not actually assisted and are instead simply sharing answers with one another. Our FLVS policy states that it is an integrity violation to veer away from FLVS curriculum and content and to visit web sources in an attempt to gain answers for assessments. You are not permitted to use OpenStudy, or any other web source outside of the FLVS Curriculum and Content, as a resource tool for your coursework. Use of OpenStudy is considered an integrity violation and result will result in zeros being issued, proctored exams being required, and possible removal/expulsion from FLVS being mandated. Posting our content questions to OpenStudy or any other site is a copyright violation and will result in investigation and legal action from Florida Virtual School Please remember the staff here at FLVS is dedicated to ensuring your success in your courses. Open communications with your instructors and use of the provided FLVS resources are your key to successful completion of your courses. If you need more information regarding academic integrity, you can visit the FLVS library or access the Academic Integrity link under course information. This went to both CA and FLVS students...they have partnered together
read it fore yourself...tell me what you think it was telling was telling them dont use it...they didnt say a word about yahoo answers because they know we dont have as many lawers
Thank you. Even though I didn't get this email, I will definitely be considering deleting my account on here.

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