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Friends! As students of science and technology how many of you believe in GOD and his existence. Can we design theory to describe him.

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That's a very deep topic. Science and religion exist on the opposite end of the infinite line. In my opinion, they don't coincide and will never collide. Science moves forward, religion moves backward. Might reflect reversibly depends on the capability and nature of the human to cope up with his nature.
Hmm....Well,i too had a detailed study about this and found,some amazing facts.... SCIENCE SAYS : First lets talk about science, Well science says Gods are just various forms of aliens.For Example.....Where did human found the technology of using nuclear power in missiles? Well, UFO's official video states that, aliens visit the earth in various forms, these forms were considered as Gods by humans....especially when they found aliens got supernatural powers. And so Science too considers Jesus as an alien. If so Where did these aliens come from? HUMANS BELIEVE : But first consider this. When it comes to the possibility of God's existence, the Bible says that there are people who have seen sufficient evidence, but they have suppressed the truth about God.1 On the other hand, for those who want to know God if he is there, he says, "You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you."2 Before you look at the facts surrounding God's existence, ask yourself, Here then, are some reasons for you to consider.. !) The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today. 2) The universe had a start - what caused it? 3) The universe operates by uniform laws of nature. Why does it? 4) The DNA code informs, programs a cell's behavior. 5) We know God exists because he pursues us. He is constantly initiating and seeking for us to come to him (Spiritual Feelings). 6) Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific picture of God revealing himself to us. SIMPLE THOUGHTS,, wat made me wonder.... The human brain... It simultaneously processes an amazing amount of information. Your brain takes in all the colors and objects you see, the temperature around you, the pressure of your feet against the floor, the sounds around you, the dryness of your mouth, even the texture of your keyboard. Your brain holds and processes all your emotions, thoughts and memories. At the same time your brain keeps track of the ongoing functions of your body like your breathing pattern, eyelid movement, hunger and movement of the muscles in your hands. The eye... It can distinguish among seven million colors. It has automatic focusing and handles an astounding 1.5 million messages -- simultaneously.8 Evolution focuses on mutations and changes from and within existing organisms. Yet evolution alone does not fully explain the initial source of the eye or the brain -- the start of living organisms from nonliving matter. Who made these?..... Ofcourse, It's God.

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Other answers:

@Zale101@timo86m @Eyad...opinion.plz....thnks...
I Do Believe in God and his existence , Well i don't think it will be a good idea to discuss that here ,But i will give a simple brief .. If you contemplate the life ,you will find many scientific miracles Like the earth ,the galaxy,Water and the human (His brain ....Etc) ... If you notice ,The universe operates by uniform laws of nature ....I mean Much of life may seem uncertain, but look at what we can count on day after day: gravity remains consistent ..You may ask yourself a question ... How is it that we can identify laws of nature that never change? Why is the universe so orderly, so reliable? Therefore ====> Looking at all these facts, one can conclude that God does exist and more ,more .... =============== That's what i believe ....
@Eyad Thanks for your valuable opinion.
You are welcome .
@Koikkara and @Eyad is correct. Proof is in question, the word (of God)!! We ask: Is meanings exist before names and words, or after? The answer is the TV for example, did not have a name by its existence, it was found first and then found its name, if the name (of God) exists in every language and on every tongue, it indicates the existence, because it introduced this word in each languages. Yes, God do exist .
I BELIEVE IN GOD, and GOD-PARTICLE TOO.....................
Thank you so much friends for your valuable positive opinions on GOD. I am in a big confusion of how humans attain super powers. Like fate telling, black magic, teleporting, flying into air, seeing god etc..
when I am 15 I went to a tour along with my friends which is 800km far away from home. There i had seen a women in one of the temple. By the time when she looked at me she started to tell about all my family members names, their details the problems my family facing etc and even she told about what i am thinking in my mind at thet movement.
i didn't understood how that is possible to her.
similar to this i go to know many happenings.
i am in a confusion that how science can explain all these.
Many books say humans has a soul. But science do not obey it. Science need practical evidence for it. Can this be possible.
@M_Vamshi_Kumar_Reddy.... Friend,some happenings can be read by some ppl before they happen, may be minutes before or two days before. Even some ppl, can read your thoughts and ideas from the way you talk and see things. Durin Chat, Some ppl feels weird talking to some specific ppl because,those weird ppl already know the reply before you tell, so asks questions that u never thinks of...(like taking shortcut method to solve problems). Little friend...Also,everyone in the world sees God daily,but,Unfortunately....u never recognise his power.Some can recognise his presence beside wen they r in deep trouble. ....................................Some Friends in here do know my powers, and I do experience those ( given above)............. Evidence from Science: Science got no evidence, because Miracle can't be described in science terms,It can only be felt......
thank you so much to you all.

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