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In which thermodynamic process is maximum work done ?Isobaric or isothermal ?

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@yrelhan4 remember?

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Other answers:

@chmvijay , @ash2326 please help ?
isobaric, i guess.. constant p.. max area under v graph.
Ya I marked that in exam ..but this link confuses me now ..Some are saying its isothermal .
idk. :o
  • DLS
but we were given the graph right. so irrespective of what that link says, answer to that question should be isobaric.
Yeah you got a point there ..I hope the answer key is favourable to us !
Thanks evryone for trying :)
  • DLS
trying? :P
how abou the question on optics? with a glass of water, 50 cm of water.?
I forgot the question !
Did you get the definite integral question ?
nvm. and the rms speed one.. we were given the work done in isothermal process. i messed up the calculations :/
yeah ..Cant wait to get the key ..For the definite integral question I got answer as pi/4
we wont be getting the answer key.. do younremember the answer of the rms speed one? and the bonial question? t3r and tr+1 it was most prolly.. what was its answer?
no I dont remember those :/
why not getting answer key ?
it was pi/4. it was an rd shrma question.. but i didnt mark it.. i wasnt getting the exact anseer and got confused.. they wont give us the answer key. they will only give us the questions paper with our marked answers..
thats np ..I bet within an hour after they publish it resonance and fiitjee will prepare the key :)
any idea about the binomial one... was it 2r+1?? just in case you have an idea?
Sorry I dont remember :/
np.. i wont be scoring high anyway.
My facv question "Which vitamin's deficiency causes rickets ?" :P
  • DLS
  • DLS
There are 89 questions other than that :)
well aravind. tell me when you get frustrated right? what was the answer to the isostructural question in chem?
@yrelhan4 dont loose hope ! Pray to god and have faith !
I dont remember that also !
  • DLS
arre yaar koi mera question dekho ? :/
still no idea when they publish qn paper @yrelhan4 ?
@DLS aram se bhai :)
haha np aravind. baad me dekhunga @DLS :P nope.. they wont be doing it anytime soon. not before may starts. just a guess lol.
  • DLS
So get ready for JEE Advanced.
o.O Why cant ur guesses be some near dates ? lol
ok i gtg. see you later.
ok bye !
  • DLS
@AravindG any idea about that question >.< ?
@shubhamsrg do you think its isobaric?
  • DLS
I got the answer.
  • DLS
I think it should be isobaric
The initial question is not so well worded, I think. If you start from the same conditions and you compress a gas to a given final volume, then there necessary work goes from max to min: a) adiabatic (the work done also contributes to heat the gas, so a lot of work has to be done) b) isothermal (all the work you put in goes out as heat) c) isobaric (you make it easier by cooling the gas that will compress more easily)
@Vincent-Lyon.Fr we were just given that figure and asked in which process more work is done . I think they wanted to test our understanding that area under graph gives work done in a process

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