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OpenStudy For Newbies! 1. Don’t Cheat (Don’t give answers or even ask for them please…DON’T GIVE ANSWERS) 2. No plagerism (don’t make copies of your schools stuff…There is a good reason behined not wanting their tests online…kinda goes along with that whole cheating thing……..) 3. Don’t be offensive rude or innapropriat (No racism, sexism, or any other isms. NO CURSING,No Sexaul insinuations, NO CURSING,no hitting on people, NO CURSING, No sexual harassment, NO CURSING, no bypassing the language filters AKA NO CURSING…) 4. Keep The achievements good. (no medal parties where you give each other medals to raise smartscores, no creating another account or inflaiting your stats.) 5. RESPECT THE COLORS! (Respect the “Purple P.D., The purple police are here to keep you safe and make sure you have the best experience possible. If you do something dumb, and you will, BE RESPECTFUL. REMEMBER! THEY SEE EVERYTHING DELETED OR NOT! If they suspend you…Go smell a rose, throw a football, find a friend, or stare at the sun then close your eyes and enjoy the fireworks. BUT DON’T MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT!) Welcome other users! Its not just the job of ambies! Ambies AKA Ambassadors : They are the people who can show you the ropes. They can teach you how to use the site. They are the seasoned veterains. It is also their job to snitch to the mods if you do something stupid. Mods AKA Modorators AKA Purple Police : They are the ones that control the site. They are the ones you respectfully fear as they hafe a pretty little red button their fingers are just iching to click on called “Suspend”…if you get a warning don’t take it lightly…you are on the strike 2 list. An ambie will correct you first (strike one) then you will get warned (strike two) then they get to scratch their ich and click it. Respect them. They cool tho… That was the cliffnote version of the code of conduct…for the full novel go to
Thanks for posting this!
Dat gud, spongebob!

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"stare at then sun" omg I don't wanna go blind
Nice :)

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