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ANYONE in CCA take the unit 3 geometry unit test yet??!!!!

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This is really sketchy. Why are you interested in who has taken a test or not?
why are you so nosy? probably to ask them a question. thanks.
Well, the code of conduct here does not allow cheating, and with tests things so easily become morally gray. If you have question, it'd best be to post it directly - you'll get better answers that way anyways.

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Other answers:

Good Luck! :D
hey thanks!
i am not in ca but i am in its sister school you can ask me but i will help you...the Code of conduct on this site states we can not give answers as seen below in the cliffnotes coc: OpenStudy For Newbies! 1. Don’t Cheat (Don’t give answers or even ask for them please…DON’T GIVE ANSWERS) 2. No plagerism (don’t make copies of your schools stuff…There is a good reason behined not wanting their tests online…kinda goes along with that whole cheating thing……..) 3. Don’t be offensive rude or innapropriat (No racism, sexism, or any other isms. NO CURSING,No Sexaul insinuations, NO CURSING,no hitting on people, NO CURSING, No sexual harassment, NO CURSING, no bypassing the language filters AKA NO CURSING…) 4. Keep The achievements good. (no medal parties where you give each other medals to raise smartscores, no creating another account or inflaiting your stats.) 5. RESPECT THE COLORS! (Respect the “Purple P.D., The purple police are here to keep you safe and make sure you have the best experience possible. If you do something dumb, and you will, BE RESPECTFUL. REMEMBER! THEY SEE EVERYTHING DELETED OR NOT! If they suspend you…Go smell a rose, throw a football, find a friend, or stare at the sun then close your eyes and enjoy the fireworks. BUT DON’T MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT!) That was the cliffnote version of the code of conduct…for the full novel go to
@hartnn keep an eye on this one
I'm in CCA but I took that class lasy year, just watch out what you post on here because some of the teachers have hidden accounts and try to catch people cheating.
haha geeezz im not a cheater go ahead nd look at all my past you will see @jim_thompson5910 has helped me through alot! i dont cheat. so go ahead and keep and eye on me haha.
Not only hidden accounts @sophiasmommy94 but they along with many other schools have sent out emails banning kids from using this site..if they find out who you are they will suspend, expell or test the snot out of you. @bishopbabyy0362 thats fine! its ok! its good you dont cheat! as long as you get help and only help you will have a great time on openstudy! Keep Studying ~SnuggieLad
But hey. I think you can vouch too that the way you said that was kind of fishy...most kids say that right before posting the entire test and asking for answers! I have seen that happen a countless number of times!
I never said you were a cheater lol I was just letting you know. But that's great I use this site for math and it really does help!!
that's true @SnuggieLad
theres a lot worse happening in the world than "cheating" lmfao. get over yourselves
@mickey1513 there's a lot better than cheating happening. Become an angel. (stop using fallacies as arguments please)
@inkyvoyd (: awe

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