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1. From the standpoint of geography, your mental map is your: (Points : 1) idea of who other people are. values and behaviors. spatial perception of the world. way of coping with reality. 2. If you are able to give a passerby directions to the rodent museum, you are using your _____. (Points : 1) cognitive dissonance mental space mental map inner projections
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3. What sort of work does a cartographer do? (Points : 1) Makes carts and small footstools Makes graphs Makes maps Makes tables of data 4. Which of the following is not a question normally asked by mapmakers before they design a new map? (Points : 1) How large are each of the map elements? What is the goal of the map? Where will the map be used? Who will read the map? 5. Which of the following is an example of spatial thinking? (Points : 1) Describing the colors that you used to paint your bedroom Giving someone directions to your house Packing up your books and papers after school Running laps around a soccer field 6. Which of the following is an example of a cultural hierarchy? (Points : 1) Linemen and running backs on a football team Jazz musicians making up a new variation on a song Two people going out to lunch and splitting the bill Workers and managers in a clothing store 7. Culture is the sum total of the _____ and _____ that a group of people share. (Points : 1) location; resources clothing; food museums; operas beliefs; behaviors 8. When a student makes adjustments to fit in at a new school, it is an example of what anthropologists and sociologists call _____. (Points : 1) cultural repression consolidating acculturation homogenization 9. A counterculture is composed of a group of people who _____ the dominant culture. (Points : 1) are rejected by cannot understand are systematically opposed to balance 10. A wealthy person in Los Angeles, California, who decides to never own a car could be considered as part of a(n) _____. (Points : 1) social subnorm dominant culture counterculture permanent underclass 11. From the standpoint of geography and demography, a _____ consists of people who live in a particular area. (Points : 1) population cluster generation sample 12. In the field of demography, _____ is the term for the average number of people per given area (e.g., per square kilometer). (Points : 1) neighbor-to-neighbor distance crowdedness demographic density population density 13. _____ show the sizes of different age groups in a population. (Points : 1) Population bubbles Age dials Population pyramids Census globes 14. The size of a population can get larger with no influences from migration if birthrate _____ or death rate _____. (Points : 1) increases; decreases decreases; increases levels off; increases increases; increases 15. This population pyramid shows a _____ in the number of _____. (Points : 1) decrease; infant males increase; grown females decrease; males as they age increase; females as they age

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