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i need to draw a political cartoon about the issue of slavery in the western territories. i need to pick a side( with or without slavery) and represents my point view

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uh hope are you going to help me?
ok i will just ask another person thank you for trying

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Other answers:

Well, since it was so unusual, you can draw a picture of a Black Man who owns a Peach Tree Orchard, paying a White worker a fair wage for a days fruit picking.
uh ok my homework is asking to pick a side ( i want slavery to stop) and draw a political cartoon. and the cartoon needs to talk. can you plz help me or give me an idea so i can draw it
You said Western Territories. The side I suggested was, It already did stop and people magically seem to be getting along. Does your point of view have to be your actual point of view, or just something that you can argue?
slavery didnt stop my point of view is i want to stop slavery i need to draw a cartoon that represent that
Well, you didn't say that. Why did you pick the Western Territories?
i said i need to draw a political cartoon about the issue of slavery in the western territories. there were arguments about slavery in the west
Okay, what evidence do you have of Slavery in the Western Territories?
many northerners feared that the south would extend slavery into the west, david wilmot called to ban slavery in any territories won from mexico. the southerner were mad. as a result americans argue about slavery in the west.
I see. That is a prevailing attitude. Looking back over the perspective of things that are now known, we might rephrase this argument. Many Northerners irrationally feared that the South would extend slavery into the West. David Wilmot, and other who opposed slavery, in an attempt to further discourage slavery and gain political advantage, called to ban slavery in any territories won from Mexico. The Southerners were mad, as they saw the play for political power by the abolitionists. As a result Northern and Southern Americans argued about slavery in the West, but those actually living in the West gave it very little thought by comparison. You've suggested that there were fears of slavery in the West, but you've presented no evidence that there was any.
i didnt say theres slavery in the west
all i want is a political cartoon what does this have to do with anything
You ARE going to have to be more coherent in your arguments. You are all over the place. You don't seem to remember what you do and don't say. Besides, if you are talking about "slavery in the west" as a political fear, rather than a reality, you are barking up the wrong tree. Look up "Twin Relics of Barbarism". The real irrational fear from the West was NOT slavery. Political cartoons have to be based on real issues. You can't just make them up.
ok lets start all over
im going to tell you the question for my homework ok.
Fair enough.
draw a political cartoon about the issue of slavery in the western territories. assume one of the opposing viewpoints described in this section: southern slaveholder, abolitionist, supporter of extending the Missouri compromise sovereignty. then create a cartoon the represents your point of view
Okay, which point of view are you taking? Abolitionist?
yes abolitionist
Keep in mind that "Western Territories" in 1820 meant some of present day Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and maybe Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Most of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California would NOT have been part of that argument.
uh tkhunny are you there
Based on what you read from Eugene Deb's statement to the courts, what conclusion can be drawn about the climate of American politics in 1918?
The government worked quickly to suppress radical ideas and beliefs. Socialism was seen as a threat to the American system of capitalism. Americans were optimistic about the future of their country. Economic hardship forced many Americans to reconsider their political beliefs.
what are you saying
multiple choice question lol
@Grazes plz help
African American person pulling a white person from a lawn chair (next to a table with umbrella+lemonade) to the cotton fields.
but im against slavery and theres need to be talking
Make the black person say "Do your own damn work"
I was thinking of a circus clown squeezing a giant balloon. Clown: Abolitionists Balloon in the Clown's Arms: Slavery in the South Aneurism on the balloon, sneaking out from under the clown's arm: The West
can you draw a picture
With such talent I have not been blessed.
add to this
Have to wrap the arms all the way around, squeezing slavery from the South.
like this
i need talking
It doesn't say that in the problem statement. You could just make him say something meaningful. "I'll show you!" Really, anything.

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