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I am taking a survey, if you are in PUBLIC SCHOOL ONLY, I would like you to comment on this. Home schoolers I will do one in time. Thank you for your time. :)

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I am public school
I'm in public school as well.
me 2 :)

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Other answers:

me 3 ;) actualy 4 but whatevs :P lol
LOL. If it was that easy to see beyond fasads, nota, we'd trust a murderer to tell if he murdered or not most of the time! xD
i stay away from chat pods they annoy me, i generally go into history section and help people out and talk to friends in messages
Yea I see history chat is a quiet and dense chat. I tend to go there more :)
Mhmm...i have stayed away from chat rooms since i was globally banned from frost wire and mIRC
I think we need to apoint more respectful, and willing mods and not ones that block un fanned users from asking for help, it's unfair to the good people
i actually mentioned that one time...i really needed to talk to a mod and he asnt responding to tags and had messages blocked to unfanned users
I was in public school. Now I am attending a state college.
what am i inputting on?
It really needs to be fixed, OS will turn into a nightmare without the help of mods, but if they aren't doing their job it's pointless to have them.
@brookie5150 the topic at hand between me and @Notamathgenius i presume o.0
Yes, well if no one has anymore Ideas I can close this.
i see, i vote.. yes?
New mods :D Ill ask Preetha about it.
ideas for what?
Modding and better chat filters
Definitely need new mods. I have dealt with mods like this on clan websites, the instant they slack (which seems to be a lot but not all the mods slack) they lose it.
Like the word GAY is not a meaning for being Homosexual it means Happy...SO if that word is used in chat it should block it, we need lots of stuff TBH
Honestly there are a few good mods i like...but the others are just terrible, seriously why would you block people from being able to message you because you haven't fanned them? What kind of mod is that lazy that they block messaging! Most mods will barely even respond to a tag (i understand they get tagged a lot) send a courtesy message apologizing for not being able to respond! Fix the filters, auto-delete multi-day old questions, actually PAY ATTENTION to the community they are supposed to be moderating.
wtf guys i thought this was soposed to be about who is oing to public school? oh well... not like anyone stays on topic... who beleives in unicorns?
You put exactly what I was thinking down, it's true none of them really do anything because they are LAZY, the others work their bums off to get chats clean, close questions, suspend people, then you have the others who sit back and tell them "NO" like that is going help out our problem.
heath we finished that part of it
@heath94 It was we moved on from that part, mate.
i can tell... are u a belevier of the majic pony?
Please leave this.
@heath94 be mature and contribute to the conversation at hand or leave
Thank you.
So nota what else would you add to this?
I think we covered all of it, If anyone has any questions feel free to message me and we can talk about this :) Have a great day everyone.
yep have a great day as well :)
actually what do u mean by mods?
Dude @Notamathgenius didnt u tell me that u were homeschooled lol im pretty sure you did lol anyway pm ASAP! lol i MUST tell you something!

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