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Well Everytime the site is down for maintenance it shows "Guarding new features" .But wouldnt a message like "Having maintenance work.Will be back soon " more apt ?1-2 years before this message was meaningful because we had a new feature every week. These days we dont see any new features at all .Just my opinion.

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I agree with u
@Preetha I had emailed you about this idea too
why do they have to close the whole site to work on it anyways? i never shut down sites when i am working on them

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Other answers:

A good suggestion AravindG.
Yea. But then if they did that, it would look bad. Rly. Maintenance every 4-hours, everyone ? ;)
This site really has a problem regarding the way they handle the scripts and AJAX/JavaScript on here. Way too much of that. It's almost abused. Why check the SmartScore every 1 seconds ? and the PMs every 5 seconds ?? That really doesn't work on a large-scale website. It just lags everything, and when a script crashes on the server, since it's so dependent on them the whole site crashes. And they really need to give their server a boost. It's much too slow.
^^you saved that paragraph on your computer ?lol
LOL^^ Anyway I agree with this. I remember the good old days with new features and WARNINGS before we would get shut down.
Yeah thats a good point Swag mentioned .We do not get a warning now before the site gets shut down .
I guess we could put maintenance ideas on this trhead can we?
i was just gonna ask his i think there should be a schedule when they have updates like twice a day would be fine but not very 2 - 4 hours
they should do them at night like normal websites do it...when the least amount of users are online
This site is just poorly ran end of story
@godorovg Oh yes. Alas. The calm air from a a pessimist *always* brightens up the situation :)
Usually its Agent .
hehe. I love tyto's sarcasm. She's funny with her pessimism. But- yesterday, she went too far :\
WOW!! IT'S OFFICIAL!! LOOK AT THE BOTTOM LEFT!! "Scheduled downtime 12.30 am Sunday, Pacific time. Please pardon our binary dust as we Bring You a Better OpenStudy (tm)"
Woah! That proves that the admins still maintain the site.. then thats weird. Why don't they follow our suggestions ? Why didn't they implement my scripts?
I knew it !! They were working behind the scenes !!
omg. thats awesome. who knows... a new version comin' soon ? ;)
What else could that "Bring You a Better OpenStudy" mean... ? ;)
@dumbsearch2 Its the old message
wat old message ? :\
OH you mean for new features ?
1-2 years before this message was meaningful because we had a new feature every week. They are still showing the same message when now they do only maintenance
how do you know ?
Just a fact
how do you know that they'res not new features this time
I have info from the team
They are working on stabilizing the system now.That is why all suggestions piled up.
huh how did you know
Because they used to do it all the time 9 months back.
Love this chatter. Thanks Aravind. We are launching a new partner tomorrow. It is a community college offering a MOOC. So we had to make some changes. Yes there are a lot of feature requests and we will get to them soon. Thanks for your feedback.
Great ! I hope the site will benefit from the new partner :)
Certainly. And we want the learners to benefit from you!
Always ! :)
That sounds truly awesome :-) They've been a lot of feedback requests along the past year... You've got your work cut out for you! ;p Hope these scripts could help along the way-

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