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Maintenance and Mod/Ambie opinions?

OpenStudy Feedback
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Honestly there are a few good mods i like...but the others are just terrible, seriously why would you block people from being able to message you because you haven't fanned them? What kind of mod is that lazy that they block messaging! Most mods will barely even respond to a tag (i understand they get tagged a lot) send a courtesy message apologizing for not being able to respond! Fix the filters, auto-delete multi-day old questions, actually PAY ATTENTION to the community they are supposed to be moderating. As well as the Ambassadors chosen need to be more mature. Not all are immature but a lot are.
Close down groups that no one visits. Like HippoCampus Religion. Nobody goes there anymore why is it needed?

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Other answers:

Immature ambassadors ? :/
Not you @AravindG i am talking about a handful of them. I don't know you too well so you are not included in the "immature" group
Thanks ..But on what basis do you categorize them as immature ?Can you give an example?
In a message i will.
ok :)
And I have to point about something on "not being able to message mods" .Firstly note that most of them are users with high smartscore .Believe me if you have a large enough smartscore 90+ you will get tonnes of messages like "help me please ", "can u help in bio ?". or a set of questions itself as message .Even many users tag you evrywhere so that you become confused .Thats the reason they make restrictions on messaging option.So that wouldnt be nice to tell some mods are terrible just because they dont accept messages. you can always use the report abuse button .It notifies all mods about the problem.
I was not referring to them being terrible because of the messages...i meant Admins though. Most of the admins on this site could really careless (if they do care they have a weird way of proving it)
Now whats with the admins?
Admins and engineering team are supposed to be fixing this site. Instead they close the site a few times a day instead of sitting down and actually fixing it. Admins are supposed to fully moderate this site, you are supposed to be able to figure out who they are. When the admins rarely help with the site and leave it to the mods a site dies, crashes and burns.
I have watched countless sites die because of the admins not doing their part
They do indeed. The admins are labelled as Mods when they should be labelled as admins.
Chillax @dumbsearch2 lol
@dumbsearch2 I hope you are not going to post your "paragraph " here lols
lol...back on topic...the admins really need to be more pro-active
not reactive where they only respond when they are needed
Hey @KeganMoore I've got news. Openstudy is launching a new partner today. It is a community college offering a MOOC. Hopefully we will be having new admins soon :)
This site is definitely in need of new admins.
i agree :/
I agree with this whole post, sadly I think it will stay this way for a while. I also don't really think getting a new partner is going to change the community. We need new ACTIVE moderators & Admin. As for Ambassadors I do agree there is a handful that do not do their task AT ALL.
A new partner means we are getting new admins soon .Which also means that we will have changes soon after the site get stabilized .As for the moderators ,we have a good set of active moderators for now .
Than they should do their task a little more. The site the past week or 2 has been....well, not good.
I mean no disrespect.
I'm just a OS User that has been here very long and I am getting upset by seeing it crumble little by little. OpenStudy use to be a GREAT place to come to, now its almost like coming to Facebook. Almost always more drama than there is joy.
Do you mean to indirectly say that you need to be made a moderator?
No?? That... doesn't even come closely to applying to this situation?? Jesus not you to Aravind -.-
Well I was just dubious ....well the past week didnt have much problems from my point of view .
As for any month ,we will have a set of spammers/code of conduct violaters here. But with introduction of the latest set of mods I see that there is more action being taken.
Still I fully support the idea of more moderators ..More mods means better moderation means a better place .
Not always. More mods can just mean more mods. If they aren't active it will be just the same. They have to step up and take control.
yep I agree ,"Active mods " is the right word
i don't like ur picture :/ its like odd
ummm actually ya live 2wice :P
Why would you tag me at a time like this? @AravindG
@dumbsearch2 do not comment on this thread, you are extremely immature and this is not the place for that
ya know ur not really sposed to gang up on people like SWAG said
@dumbsearch2 just look at your comments, you can comment as long as you stay on target
@KeganMoore I hope these new partners are a benefit.
Hopefully they are @SWAG :) but alas i will be gone soon and will never be back
Same here, I am going to the Marines soon.
heyyyy soooo yeah
@brookester6 why? because i came here to help and people could care less for help anymore, they want answers
Could people please delete all comments that have nothing to do with the topic i do not want this question closed
@brookester6 may you remove comments not pertaining to the thread?
i posted earlier for everyone to do it
stop tagging me
YEAH #YOL2 lolol im startin it
IT WASN'T ABOUT YOU!!! <3 lol.
@KeganMoore Please also delete your comments, about me, thanks :)
yeah it was about @SWAG
but i deleted it anyway
the insult ?
delete ALL your comments. thanks.
yeah np
So you called ME a douchebag?
I <3 NIALL HORAN!!!!! :3

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