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what is so great about America?

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America, like the rest of the world, has some good things and some bad things. obviously the author lives in America and has little idea about the rest of the world which he gets from watching documentaries on TV. Its one thing to be patriotic and its something else to be a dunderheaded dogmatic. Thats what he sounds like from his writings. Every nation has its own faults. How can one gauge happiness. does it come with superstores or clean roads or the casions of Las Vegas ? I would suggest that this author should be given a chance to roam in the so called villages of Asia. Let him climb those amazingly fragrant mango trees and sleep on the naked earth under its shade. That will shake his capitalistic ego a bit. America has great resources in terms of land. It has its own amazing natural landscapes. Those are the things that people should appreciate. Because they are 'real' and not formed out of propoganda. Behind all that crap he went on and on about, there is one big wisdom. its affluence or money. America HAD a lot of money. but don't count on it. Finally, I would like to say just one thing. What gives one happiness is a matter of personal preference to a large extent.
I think you've deluded yourself. Assuming that one has no perspective nor experience living outside the United States was your first mistake, which inadvertently made the rest of your effort akin to a prattle. You may have a point, but first think whether your thesis fits the frame of the question.

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Other answers:

I don't subscribe to Dinesh D'Souza's ideas. A thoughtful man of his caliber made it that his core theme overarches his religious standing - an apologetic, and this was a huge mistake selling his ideas as to what makes America great.
My reply was my analysis of the paper that was quoted above, thats all. Everyone has a right to be patriotic to his/her nation so no arguments there. But what he wrote contained a lot of nonsense in it.
I bought a copy of his book in hope to dissect it in the future when I get a lot of time in my hands.
What is the purpose of the question ?
well you know, in the end..they are one person's views against another, nothing matters. as per your original question, the best things I like about America are the diverse geographical and natural treasures it holds and also in a lot of places, great views of the night sky above. And yet, once you look up, it doesn't matter where on this tiny spec of dust you stand, its beautiful.
bring about the positive traits of America, but we've got a view of dissent from another author's book instead LOL

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