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multiply and simplify: (3x^2+1) (x^2-2x+1) - (x^2+4x)

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Is this one whole equation?
yes distribute
i am just confused how to to distribute my exponents

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Other answers:

You can treat the (3x^2 + 1) as a single term and distribute it.
yes can you do that for me to show me?
For example... \[\large \color{blue}{(3x + 4)}(7x^2 -9x +8)\] distribute the "term" on the left (the one in blue) \[\large \large 7x^2\color{blue}{(3x + 4)} -9x\color{blue}{(3x + 4)} +8\color{blue}{(3x + 4)}\] And now, each of these individual terms, you also distribute. It's just repeated distribution.
can u show me my the example?
like what would the asnwer be?
It defeats the purpose... besides, giving the answer outright is highly discouraged... much better if you can find it on your own, with some help, of course. Come on, you can do this, it's very similar to what I did, just distribute the entire shebang in the parentheses.... :)
i am confused how to distribute exponents
i think it is 3x^4-6x^3+3x^2-2x+1
would that be it?
I actually don't know yet... I haven't tried it on the problem itself... :D
can u please and let me know? that would help a lot
okay done :)
great! and if u didnt get that post what u got so i can see my mistake
I think it'd be easier to see your mistake if you post your process... that way, if you did make a mistake, it'd be easier to spot where you did it so you don't do it again. :)
ok well just post what u get cause i cant post every step
for me it will be easier if u solve it and i can see where I messed up
or even i did at all. i could be right
please just solve it and i can compare my answer to urs
bc i could be right
I did solve it, unfortunately, only mentally, so I don't have a complete process Surely you do... don't you? :) did u get the same thing as I did?
Nope. Of course I could be wrong... mental calculation is so prone to human error, but i didn't get the same answer.
what was ur answer (final) u got?
That's why process is important.
what was urur final answer?
:) I'm withholding it until you show me your process... sorry, giving the final answer is highly discouraged... check the Code of Conduct...
1 Attachment
i only have 2 mins left so an answer would be ideal and i posted my answer so please what edid u get?
i did it mentally
Well, don't do it mentally. That's just it :)
what did u ge?
? i will just have someone help me that knows what they're doing
Good idea :)
@mo913 Looking for answers wont help you at all .Besides our users never give the answers away .They just help you on your problem instead of working out the entire problem .We need the asker to put some effort on solving the question .That will do you wonders in your studies .
This asker was able to solve a systems problem in detail... so isn't systems a more advanced topic than simple distribution and combining like terms?

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