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I dub thee .....

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just a random thought in me head, but i think it would be cool if a mod could "dub" temporary mods to help out as needed.
This is a function on a popular site called Xat. The power is called: Tempmod A moderator can tempmod a member for up to 6 hours.
Great idea :)

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Other answers:

Just like frost wire, when a admin is needed for a day they will give ten admins, they will have admin for 24 hours or until they log off
temp* not ten
  • JA1
Interesting concept, we could use that around here especially when we get all these kids that just go around posting "question" that are not even a question, let alone related.
Nice... nice idea! :)
Overall, not bad. The problem would be vetting people so that they fall within the ideals of the site, know the limits of being a mod, etc. While allowing any person to be dubbed a temp-mod might be good, it could be just as important to have a black list, people who were made temp mods and abused , so are ineligible for future use as a temp mod. There are a few on here who act like they are mods, even though they are not. Not exactly the type of person I feel it would be good to make into a temp mod. It just reinforces the assumption they are making about what they are doing. And since there is no definition in the code of conduct about this, it makes it a gray area at best.
In response, members cannot get tempmod. Only Ambassadors can get tempmod. That sounds good, eh?
I mean, Ambasadors are trusted members, correct? That, or either someone you personally know who can handle the duties.
How would you do this? Would you have a bunch of temp mods just waiting, like standbys or would you just pick the best of who is there at the moment. I like the idea and can even implement - relatively soon - it if we can iron out the logistics.
Alright, so you know when you click someone's profile you get some information? [see file 1 now] Over to the left, they'll be an option: TempMod The power allows owners to make Ambassadors/Members moderators for anytime between 1 minute to 24 hours by clicking on their profile and selecting "tempmod"
1 Attachment
My thought is, RealMods are aware of who the more responsible users are - they tend to also be the users that are making legitimate abuse reports. Under the RealMods discretion, they assign a status of TempMod (deputize) to a responsible user to help clean up the community. Id say an hour limit on the designation is appropriate. A side effect of this temporary arrangement could be that a pool of prospective mods can be generated with the potential for RealMod status.
you can even make them the green borders while in TempMod mode :)
  • JA1
Great idea and relatively not that dangerous if used correctly
im thinking a nominee should have the option to accept or reject the TempMod status as well. Provide them a popup that says theyve been chosen for this, itll last this long, accept reject ....
  • JA1
nobody would reject Mod status though, a least I wouldnt :/
  • JA1
But I like where this is going, another thing is that real mods should get status feeds (optional) of what the temp mods they chose are doing.
we already get notifs of other mod suspensions and warnings, so thats already taken care of
  • JA1
Ah ok then this is all set to go I guess @Preetha
i think it is also a good way to show more active members of the community that they are appreciated and respected for their upstanding conduct. That we are noticing them and their achievements.
  • JA1
Yes I agree completely, and this would serve as a test towards actual mod status.
I Googled up OpenStudy ambassador and found the blog. Never knew OS had a blog and see no links to it, but a lot of links and embedded things don't show up for me since I run on heavily filtered systems. After reading what the OS Ambassador Program was, how they have to apply, are interviewed, ans agree to follow the code, I feel they would be a good resource for any sort of "I Dub thee..." solution. They are a group of people already in line with the intent of OS, so there is less risk of getting a poor choice for a temp mod. amistre64 makes a good point about what Mods see people doing and that makes another possible pool. It comes down to how appropriate OS decides it would be to temporarily empower people who have not expressed as much of an interest to be involved.

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