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Advanced Latex coding help

LaTeX Practicing! :)
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OK Now i need help from the advanced team of LaTeX creators lol... @.Sam. @kymber @AravindG @mathslover @ParthKohli @dumbsearch2 (tag others you know would be good) So here is the deal. I have been working on somthing for boston blue. I need to know how to tag in latex... As you well know when you try to tag someone it turns out taking out the actual latex code and making a link as you see below: \( @snuggielad \) and if you dont add the spaces it doesnt tag them \(@snuggielad\) But adding in a simple \href with two sets of brackets will allow you to add a in site link and a hyperlink word. for example: `\(\href{users/snuggielad}{@snuggielad}\)` which turns it to \(\href{users/snuggielad}{@snuggielad}\) Now the problem with this is that it doesnt tag! I dont know how to make it tag. I can link you guys to any profile on openstudy or any other page simply with those kinds of things but i can not do anything else...I tried to add the \hyperlink but that doesnt work on this version of latex...the overall goal of all of this is to be able to invisible tag. for example `\(\tiny \color{white}{@snuggielad}\)` or \(\tiny \color{white}{@snuggielad}\) notice the empty space...that is what i want to see...but here is the deal...i want to be able to get that person tagged. I tried this yesterday for hours with no i am calling in the big guys... you can go to the wiki page to learn some more
This is very interesting! Did you already solve this problem? There is probably a script that checks for @ tags in the respond when you post a comment but to make your idea work, the script needs to filter the tags out of the code. So the problem cannot be solved in \(\LaTeX\), the tag-reading function of the post script needs to be changes so that it also reads the latex codes. Maybe @dumbsearch2 would have a solution :D
This would be really easy in JavaScript. I could try to implement this in TUOSA.

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Other answers:

@dumbsearch2 did you implement this in 4.0?? would be really cool!
please do Sean...Could you work out some code that the team may be able to implement? can you try to make if for them? @dumbsearch2
That would be the first time his contributions actually get implemented won't it :P
Yes, I've contributed a lot of scripts to no avail. :p But I'll try to implement in into TUOSA.
I think Snuggie meant code for the website? So that tags get filtered out of latex/mathjax codes, and people actually would get a notice of them being tagged. But because it's in tiny white text the tags won't fill up the space and make it look ugly.
If you would implement it into your extension, people who don't use it won't get noticed when they're invisibly tagged.

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