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Please help me review for a test, answer what you can in a way a normal student can understand, please. First two: 1. What is one nation that you expect to be most like the way it was in 1648 in terms of the ethnicity of its people, national boundaries, language, and culture? How might this relate to its experience with foreign empires? Explain. 2. How has Europe changed demographically and religiously over the last few centuries?

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Next two: 1. Peter the Great and Catherine the Great were examples of the positive uses of absolute monarchy. Do you think that they could have accomplished the same things in a constitutional monarchy? 2. Do you think that England would have become a constitutional monarchy without the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants?
And then: 1. How have 20th century advances in transportation, medicine, and communications affected your daily life? 2. Why is it that traditionally women and minorities have been underrepresented in the sciences? How do you see this changing with your generation?
S'more: 1. Who were some of the key figures of the English and Scottish Enlightenment? What were their beliefs? 2. How did women play a role in the Enlightenment? 3. How did the Enlightenment affect the development of American democracy? 4. Compare and contrast the Baroque style with the Neoclassical style?

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And the last: 1. How might your personality and aspirations be changed if you were born in a nation or time with a completely different type of society? 2. If the French king refused rights and freedoms to his own people, why did he bankrupt his country to help American revolutionaries? 3. What are the series of events that led to the storming of the Bastille? 4. What caused the French Revolution to take a more violent turn? 5. Napoleon is repeatedly referred to as a despot or tyrant. Why do you think the French people tolerated him and the return to monarchical rule? 6. What ultimately led to the downfall of Napoleon?
If u posted one at a time then ppl would actually help u, but the fact tht u just posted a paragraph of questions doesn't attract ppl's attention. It's a bit overwhelming.

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