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In Romeo and Juliet act 4, scene 2, which character objects to Lord Capulet's plan to move the wedding day up? A. Juliet B. Lady Capulet C. Nurse D. Paris

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I believe it is B. Lady Capulet, because I recall her complaining about the fact that moving the wedding up a day will not give her enough time to prepare for the wedding.
how about In Romeo and Juliet act 4, scene 2, which of the following is NOT a lie told by Juliet to her father? A. I am eager to marry Paris. B. I beg for your pardon. C. I repent my sin of disobedience. D. In the future, I will do as you wish.
i think its A @Ber96

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Other answers:

That's what I think, as well.
In Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 1, what does Romeo plan to do? A. Break Juliet out of the tomb and escape B. Hunt down Paris and kill him C. Take poison and die with Juliet D. Turn himself in and ask for the Prince's mercy
i think its C @Ber96
Yep, same here.
n Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 2, what do we learn about Friar Laurence's letter to Romeo? A. The letter was delivered as planned. B. The letter was full of unimportant gossip. C. The letter was ignored by Romeo. D. The letter was never delivered. @KittyKattt2
I think it's D because a plague broke out and that caused the letter to not be delivered.
Do you have any other questions?
What is the effect of fear and pity created in the audience when it watches the downfall of a tragic protagonist? A. Catharsis B. Hamartia C. Hubris D. Peripateia @Ber96
its A
@Ber96 am i right
I'm not sure about that one, sorry.
What obstacle divides the lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe? A. Age B. Language C. Parents D. Religion
i think its C @Ber96
Yep, C.
The main characters of "Pyramus and Thisbe" can be said to be archetypes of what kind of characters? A. Antagonists B. Star-crossed lovers C. Static characters D. Tragic heroes
I don't know that much about Pyramus and Thisbe, but my best guess would be B.
In Romeo and Juliet, which character betrays Juliet? A. Friar Laurence B. Nurse C. Romeo D. Tybalt
B. Nurse
A prince was raised in a cold, emotionless family. His mother, the queen, frowned upon displays of affection in public among her people, and the distance between her and her children grew over the years. When the prince was old enough to have children of his own, he defied the queen's code of conduct in front of the people and was openly affectionate with his sons. What is the action of the prince called? A. Anagnorisis B. Hamartia C. Hubris D. Peripateia
i think its A
I think it is C: Hubris
What natural occurrence does the myth "Pyramus and Thisbe" explain? A. How mulberries get their color B. How trees grow near water C. Why lionesses hunt D. Why walls get cracks
I don't know that one, sorry.
its okay
The audience sees Count Von Braun hanging onto a window ledge--he has been pushed out of the castle by his brother, a man driven to remove the count from the family because of the count's lies and deception to hang onto his power at any cost. As the count's fingers slip from the stone ledge, he realizes that his own lies have caused his downfall, and he starts to cry with agony. What is the count's realization called? A. Anagnorisis B. Hamartia C. Hubris D. Nemesis
I think it's A. Anagnorisis
In regards to the previous question, I tried Googling it and it seems like "A: How mulberries get their color" is the correct answer
The audience sees excessive pride in the protagonist: he cannot let go of his need for approval from his followers. Unfortunately, this leads him to make choices that cause him to ultimately lose his crown. What is this character's excessive pride called? A. Catharsis B. Hamartia C. Hubris D. Peripateia
C. Hubris
In "Pyramus and Thisbe," which of the following is NOT an antagonist to the lovers? A. Lion B. Parents C. Tree D. Wall
C. Tree
Several times a year, a wealthy oil barron, P.T. MacLean, and his family get together to celebrate their profits. One year, because of the damage the family's company does to the environment, one of the daughters in the family refused to join these celebrations. As a consequence, P.T. decides to cut her out of the family fortune. What is P.T.'s punishment called? A. Anagnorisis B. Catharsis C. Hubris D. Nemesis
D. Nemesis
What is the setting for the myth "Pyramus and Thisbe"? A. Babylonia B. Greece C. Rome D. Verona
i think this ones D
I think it's A: Babylonia but I'm not 100% sure
n Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 1, to what does Romeo appeal to get the poison? A. The evil of the apothecary B. The kindness of the apothecary C. The poverty of the apothecary D. The professionalism of the apothecary
I don't know that one
In Romeo and Juliet, act 4, scene 3, who says this line? "My dismal scene I needs must act alone." A. Friar Laurence B. Juliet C. Lord Capulet D. Romeo
i think its d
It's B: Juliet
In Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 1, who says the following line? "Is it even so? Then I defy you stars!" A. Juliet B. Lord Capulet C. Paris D. Romeo
D: Romeo
In Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 1, what literary element is in these lines? "Hast thou no letters to me from the friar? / No, my good lord. / No matter: get thee gone." A. Conflict B. Irony C. Motif D. Simile
A: Conflict
In Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 3, what literary element is in these lines? "O, here / Will I set up my everlasting rest, / And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars / From this world-wearied flesh." A. Flashback B. Foreshadowing C. Motif D. Simile
i think
Yep, that's what I'm thinking
Every time Mariona competes at state ski meets, she is bullied off the course by her antagonist, Eric. Afterwards, Mariona asks her friend Salma about what to do. Salma tells her to talk with the judges and her coach. What kind of character is Salma? A. Confidante B. Dynamic C. Foil D. Protagonist
A: Confidante
In Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 1, how does Romeo find out that Juliet is "dead"? A. Juliet sends the nurse to find him and tell him. B. Romeo reads an invitation to Juliet's funeral. C. Romeo receives a letter from Friar Laurence. D. Romeo's servant Balthasar brings him the news.
idk this one @Ber96
I'm positive it's D
In Romeo and Juliet act 5, scene 3, who says the following lines? "See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, / That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love." A. Benvolio B. Friar Laurence C. Lady Capulet D. Prince Escalus
D: Prince Escalus
A crtically ill man teaches other adult patients on his floor how to perform puppet shows for those in the sick children's wing. The hospital administrator wants him to stop and focus on his own recovery. Who is the protagonist? A. Critically ill man B. Hospital administrator C. Other adult patients D. Sick children
A: Critically ill man
yes i did hella good on my assiggemtn thank you =)
can you still help me or are u busy
You're welcome! Unfortunately I won't be able to help anymore, I have an oral exam on the phone with my teacher in an hour and I have to study.
I'm sure there will be other people who can help you.
alright =) thank you
You're welcome

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