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If a song could describe you, what song would you choose to be?

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thats hard >.< lol prolly brick by boring brick by paramore
@RoxxisaUNICORN love that song!

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Other answers:

paramore is great lol
I would probably say Stand In the Rain by Superchic(k)
drunk by ed sheeran lol
nice @allie_bear22 @BacardiDavis answer this!? lo
Country man by Luke Bryan XD
lol cool
lol country!!!!! lol
im not a fan but i guess some people like it :)
yeahhh i like luke byran (/./) and the band perry lol "if i die young"
yea band perry is pretty cool cuz their not too country there like country pop
and i never listened to Luke Bryan before
Well he is amazing @allie_bear22
ill look him up later and tell u wat i think lol :) @BacardiDavis
He's definitely a ladies man! :D @allie_bear22
yeah the band perry is AMAZING i love their song "better dig two" lol
haha is he!?
lol now ima definatly look him up XD
lol no he is not cute lol @allie_bear22 just no.
oh wow just saw a pic!!!! @BacardiDavis u tried to trick me lol hes not my type lol
yeahh exactly
way too old too!!
lol i like older guys 0.o
i like older HOT guys lol
What? he is soo a looker! XD no homo
guys and grls taste are wayyyyyy different lol
like umm Kellin Quinn?? @allie_bear22
hes hot!!!! or the guy in pierce the veil????
but the hottest is the guy from falling in reverse!!!
Those aren't even men! lol Those are boys! XD
YESSSS!!!! @allie_bear22 ERR MY GOSH! ronnie radke <33333333333333333333
@BacardiDavis no their men :)
lol hellz yeah :P
They are not! lol Billy currington is a real man! XD
yeah he can be someone elses man lol
@BacardiDavis ewwwwwwwwwwww no lol
im not bout that life :P
im seriously trying to think of someone cute in country music lol gahhh!
Whhhaaat? He's good looking too! And Tim MCgraw is good lookin to be older!
OH WAIT Hunter Hayes 0.0
lol @BacardiDavis name someone in their 20's omg lolol
ok hes cute!!!!!!
yeah lol
oh and dnt shoot me for saying this but i love one direction lol
Austin webb?
*co.cks gun*
lol noooooooooooo!!!!
lol who? o.0
ill spare you lol harry styles <3
He's a country singer
hes better than all the rest but still no @BacardiDavis
Austin Carlile
right perfect dimples :) * drools*
why is every country singers name Austin lol
o.0 ikr
Haha there's not that many named austin lol and he's alright lol *faints*
*faints with you*
lol ikr!
EEWW!! gaaaaaaaaaaaay lol
im still waiting for @BacardiDavis to give us a good one lol
ewww!! SEXXAY!
lol i gave her like what? 3!??
Well y'all are on the scremo phase lol
its not a phase and i like everything lol
harry styles wasnt
we win!!!! lol
Dustin lynch, easton corbin
but yeah i went thru that emo/gothic phase lol like i prolly wouldve creeped you out LOL and noo! @BacardiDavis
eastens all right but no to the other one
r u still in it? @RoxxisaUNICORN
lol noooo! idk wat u label me as lol i shop at pacsun and american eagle lol
The male vocalist for Lady Antebellum
nooo lol
naw i think your just u lol
@BacardiDavis try someone not country lol
Ryan Gosling!
in the notebook YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fck YESHHH!!! gahhh those abs!!
@BacardiDavis you finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ima give u a medal for tht 1
Haha thanks XD
yw :)
Mr. Owl ate my metal worm - D.R.U.G.S
lolz the name lolz @KeganMoore
my song? Power Glove - Knife Party or Darkness Surrounding - Avenged Sevenfold
Nuclear- Zomboy
believe in me-demi lovato
my little girl- tim mcgraw
or hero by superchick
skyscraper- demi lovato maybe
omg i love that song
yeah me too. sang it once in an amusement park
lol demi is my idol she makes me feel like mabey i can get threw what im going threw right now and that if she can stop doing what she did i can stop to
i love her cd unbroken especially give ur heart a break
lightweight, and heartattack as well. :)
i like fix a heart lightwieght and this is me
oh yeah love those ones!!!!!!
or black parade by my chemical romance favorite of mine
mcr is amazaing
I'd have to say Mirrors my Justin timberlake Luv dat song!!! :)
probably a song from adele :)
thats nice :)
When you were young -The killers
Listen to Ohioisonfire by Of Mice & Men. it describes me ;p
btw no spaces

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