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This the home of the Dodgers, this the home of the Lakers, shout out to the Baber this the real home of the riders. Welcome to LA where the palm trees sway, but don't you get it twisted when you come his way. Ohh ohh, oh oh ohhh, oh oh ohhh. I rap it hard and I throw it up, it mean know a body for the kings, this city extended behind me, I won't go get be riffers got that ring, I'm in that 310, one in tend to get my body tat us, slowly blink and smoking blunts, hinked up bout my uncle galy, copped in was bumpin, my mother f*ckers ain't wax, don't know about your city but my G's got it on luck, cops tryin to rate this spot, looking for the skell and glock asking me who the flutter got, backing soda in that pot, huh, south deep my second home, we chock I believe you're gone, I'm at that Coco cali shop, taking hits from the bomb, angel wood, lean wood, main wood and.. all my boys and.. pray to God you'll be them charges, yeah regardless, LA it's heartless we love the starship, I blow we spark it, smoking bomb no never that garbage, and when I'm gone put my soda rest, on this holy land coast, what a sunset!
did u write this song?

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Other answers:

O.O wow
dude u r like awesome at making lyrics....*AWESOME*!!! lol so no need 2 thank us for keepin it real :P
He didn't write these lyrics, King Lil G did. [] Unless YOU are King Lil G, then you are stealing his work. Claiming other people's work as your own is also known as plagiarism . This is also against the CoC. Next time, you should probably state that you didn't write this, instead of claiming it as your own. (You should probably take it down too, because it's against the Music Section's Rules) []
O.O.........ummmmmmmmm...okkkkkkkk @.@
this is open study 0.o

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