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new users/(same person but different account) are abusing the report by spamming on other users and got them suspended for no reason

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maybe if we could set the requirements for reporting other users, only users that have at least 40+ smartscore are entitled for reporting, what do you think?
and mod needs better tools :P @amistre64 @Preetha
Do people get automatically suspended when an x amount of people send a report abuse? In that case i think it's a good idea to prevent this problem :)

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Other answers:

I agree...That seems to be a big problem that needs to be fixed
@thomaster yes it does
@.Sam. Perhaps you should close this question and talk to Preetha directly .This information might provoke the spammers who didnt know of it .Just my opinion.
The spammers doesn't know there is 'Openstudy Feedback' ;) and I wanted amistre and maybe other mods to look at this as well
@thomaster after three different people report the same person, that person would recieve a community ban. @.Sam. I agree. This is getting out of hand, very fast.
In order to report someone, your account has to have 50 SmartScore and be registered with OpenStudy for +7 days. Also - mods have good tools. I mean, you don't have the IP Check, which kind of sucks. I think you should get the IP Check tool so you can locate these spammers. :D
@android 3 is not the number
yep, this is really a problem, they call them "community suspensions"... I think I agree with the 50+ SmartScore idea.
Mod does have IP Check
@AravindG, yes, it is, Preetha has confirmed it.
Mods don't have IP check. Admins have IP check. Unless the controls have changed since last time I talked to ShadowFiend. The picture below are the controls an admin has (or at least, had).
1 Attachment
I've been on mod's account so I know they do
lol...what does the 'kick' button do?
that kick you off the group , it is fun keep kicking people out just when they reenter
oh...thats kinda funny
ITT: We all pretend to be mods. Hey - I was on a mod account, too! Actually, Preetha gave me her information and let me ban people for fun. ^^)
lol =)
one of the reason why they don't let me be a mod anymore
Being a mod is fun :) I love playing makebeleive! |dw:1368818506434:dw|
good for you ,kid
Actually with a couple programming edits on the client side, I can make the mod controls visible (even though they don't work because my account doesn't have them authorized... aka I'm not a mod): And I confirm... mods *due* have IP checks. Here is the code for the button parts:
This is how it looks like for a mod (yes, for mods... these are mod controls... IP checks are not admin-specific...)
Loser66, we were being sarcastic.
Actually I think u should jus view the reports more carefully and look into the situation instead of jus suspending and banning. That's jus common sense.
  • JA1
Okay do this, users with Smartscore of 30+ and at least 2 days on website can ban, or you can also make it so 4+ Ambassador reports auto-ban that way if a user is behaving poorly a group of ambassadors can auto-kick the user.
Why would you want to limit the report abuse button? That is never a way to go, what if a new user was truly being harassed? Why not just have more moderators? They could easily see if that the reports came in from the same IP and unban the user?
@opcode I agree with you. This would be the best way to go, still saying: proxies are so easy to use now :\
Or just let the report only count for communityban when a user meets the requirements
Even better idea! @thomaster
@thomaster Are you suggesting that lower SS users, can still report. But only higher SS users can make a community ban count correct? If so, that seems like a fair idea. :-).
@opcode that is correct yea :)
Haha, well then. Kudos for your great idea :-). It shouldn't be too hard for the OS developers to implement anyways :P.
To correct my statement, Its not three of any user, if three Ambassador+ users's report the same person once, then that person will be issued a community ban, other that than, i have no clue.
I deserve to be mod or Lord. Just sayin'
@.Sam. why not 50?or 60?

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