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1.) Although Mexico is rich in natural resources, why does so much of the population live in poverty? A. The central government often neglects the rural areas that many poor Mexicans live in. B. Many families in Mexico are dependent on the money sent home from abroad. C. both A and B D. none of the above 2.) How does Mexico's history of political instability affect the government's ability to combat the violent drug war? A. The government is constantly in upheaval, and so effectively administering government policy is difficult. B. Political corruption within the police force, funded by drug traffickers, has allowed the drug war to continue unabated. C. both A and B D. none of the above 3.) How does Mexico's poverty and political instability, which is directly linked to the drug war, affect the United States? A. Many Mexicans illegally come to the United States to escape the poverty and instability. B. Many villages in Mexico are devoid of working-age men. C. both A and B D. none of the above
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1). They sell many of its natural sources as raw materials.

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