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  • JA1

The "Features Incoming" page is a bit bland and since it is becoming more and more frequent :P I made a colorful one here, just look in the frame source for the raw HTML/CSS

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How about this :P
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  • JA1
He he yes that would be good for when the sever crashes but my main concern is the color, its just horrendous D:
Like that JAI! Make it more colorful!

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Other answers:

  • JA1
Aye Aye Captain :D
I tried to resist the [Ps] button but i couldn't
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Haha I'm with @thomaster on this one.
  • JA1
hehe yes good job thomaster ;D
let the people develop app for an unstable website first LOL.
@lovemenplayhard i'm confused... what do you mean with this?
i mean, get the site STABLE first, instead of developing app and coloring it :P its not worthy maybe it is from your views but as far as i can see get it working properly first and then you can do anything you like...
yea but it's still not stable. BUT, we are not on the admin team so we can't do anything to get the site stable. Does that mean we can't be creative? or develop an app?
Take off swag. ew. something we all get tired of hearing
well i never prohibited you, take it the way you want, you aint the admin but you can tell admin how to get it stable first before developing a waste :D you can call it creative i call it futile because app is developed on a STABLE platform.
It would be quite interesting if perhaps it would change every now and again... perhaps we get users to draw an owl with sunglasses and we just paste those badboys on the color blue and slap on the text "owl be right back". It would be a more intimate experience!
as Another part of my internship roll :)
I like it! It looks good.
I dont like the first one very much but I like the second one!
Thanks for you help! what do you think about the Openstudy flier I edited? Which flier do you like better? @Ashleyisakitty
I say the first one. I love the "Study Pains?" Great job! :)
Or this one..i just came up with this idea....
1 Attachment
I think you should add the beak to them, but they all look really good and profesional
which one would YOU hand out to YOUR friends?
I did ashley
I would hand out the first one. People struggle daily in studying and the "Study Pains?" kind of attracts your eye and the part where it says "Get fast and free help!"
ok! i am brainstorming right now on weather i should use another idea or not...i am going to try it...
Good idea! :P
@e.cociuba @Ashleyisakitty what do you think about this one?
1 Attachment
I like that one, but i like the wide eyes better.... its more "openstudy"y
ok :)
Ok it's good, but the eyes are what's getting me. I would stick to the original eyes :))
thats what i thought too...
1 Attachment
Perfect! Yes I love it! :)
I shows 2 combinations of expressions. Pain and "open" eyes. Similar to OpenStudy :)
  • JA1
Keep this in mind snuggie, you have the whole upper section so you don't have to cram it on the bottom, but great thoughts :)
@JA1 Its a minimalist design. You want to cram it all into one spot so you have a ton of active space to have the attention grabbing part. You want it to grab their attention so they will stop to read it. If you have a lot of words but nothing to grab their attention to make them want to read it you might as well give them a book.
If you are reading this I deleted the OWl be back so others couldnt see it. It will be a suprise the first time you see it :)
I love your designs! :) I'm into minimalist designs, esp. that of Microsoft's Metro design philosophy...
I hate windows eight...
  • JA1
Ah I understand now, well good work non the less :)
Sorry Dumb. Can't link it to TUOS. You know why! Snuggie. Great work. I like it. And thanks guys for the feedback. Do you folks think we could run this as a FB ad? What will make other FB High schoolers click on the link to get to OS?
They like it when they see their friends like it.
Yes, sorry @Preetha: I had written that post yesterday, I deleted it now :)

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