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Which of these was formed to create mutual defense arrangements between the United States and the nations of Western Europe? United Nations Alliance for Progress International Monetary Fund North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization
wow its between UN and NATO shes right
why NATO?

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Other answers:

During the early-21st century, concerns about foreign competition for jobs led to calls for which of these? greater restrictions on illegal immigration tighter environmental controls on U.S. industries stronger regulation of financial services companies increased government support for public employee unions
we learned it in history they created it so that if anyone of them needs their help in a war the would help them ..or is that the Un....
are you going to send me pictures of this exam when your done? so you can help me out when i do it?
but greater restrictions on illegal immigration
i can do that to but i would need ur cell number
ooohhh i smell chemistry....literaly Nial stupid Horan is about to kill me with his dumbass experiment
alright thats fine either that or PrtSc it and put it to paint and then send it to my email. thats how i do everything online lol
hey do you know the answer to my question
oh i just take cell phone pics
okay sounds good
im looking @blossomemerald
how do you mention someone ive been trying to do it but it wont work
i answered
thanks mate
anymore questions
how many more questions do you have?
idk lol
The immigration policies in place since the 1980s have resulted in which of the following? a slowing of immigration from Eastern Europe a steady increase in the population of Northeastern cities a slowing of labor outsourcing to Asia and Latin America a steady increase in the United States' Hispanic population
11 but im trying to answer some of them on my own
I say the last one definetly
yeah me too, deff d.
What was one similarity between the antiwar movement and the Red Power movement? support for greater economic equality the desire to expand participatory democracy a feeling of powerlessness among their members opposition to the policies of the federal government
crap idk this one /:
dont forget to message me ur number
i think its C because they were both fighting each other

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