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Josephine performs a muscular training routine at least three times per week using dumbbells in her bedroom. Lately she has been finding excuses to not do her workouts and is starting to miss one or two sessions each week. Which training principle does she need to consider to get her workouts back on track? (1 point) overload progression specificity tedium

Health Sciences
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@Compassionate can u help me
It's not overload because that means she'll have to add weights Nor specifically or tedium. It's progression (B)
ok thx what about this one After performing stretching exercises, one will experience decreased (1 point) muscular endurance. muscular strength. muscle tension. range of motion.

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Other answers:

thx ok what about Marshall is a 15-year-old male. He measures his height at 6'2" and his weight at 225 pounds. Health-related risks associated with BMIs in this range include (1 point)
increased self-esteem. lack of organ protection. lack of stored energy. type 2 diabetes.
Which of the following tools and activities would best measure muscular endurance? (1 point) using a pedometer during a mile run test using a ruler to measure sit and reach results using a stopwatch to count the number of pull-ups performed using a scale to measure body weight
D. Because you're seeing how much weight he can lift in a short burst of time. Also, nice FLVS work.
Let me guess, H.O.P.E final?
@Compassionate haha actually Im not FLVS, something like that but FLVS
*but not FLVS
These are the same questions I had on my exams.
well Im home schooled, so Im not like public, so I dont do FLVS, but its run through FLVS, its complicated
Alrighty. Any more questions?
yep Evan has been working hard at soccer practice. He is experiencing symptoms such as rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, confusion, agitation and a high fever of over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very likely that Evan is suffering from a heat illness called (1 point) heat cramps. heat exhaustion. heat stress. heat stroke. I think its D
Heat stroke.
The FDA monitors food, supplements, drugs, and other substances to ensure they are safe, effective, and accurately represented to the public. Proper drug labeling is just one way the FDA has a positive influence on wellness choices. Which of the following messages would not be likely to come from the FDA? (1 point) I think its A Buyers of cigarettes and alcohol must present proof of identification. It is important that you take or use this exactly as directed. Do not skip doses or discontinue unless directed by your doctor. This medication may upset your stomach. Take it with crackers, bread, or milk. You should avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to sunlight when taking this medication.
William directs games for children at an afterschool program. He needs to create two teams from a larger group of children. The fairest way to accomplish this is to (1 point) allow students to randomly select team assignments using slips of paper in a bucket. assign team captains to choose team members one at a time. place all girls on one team and all boys on another. put all light-haired people on one team and dark-haired people on another.
Ha ha, I'm totally not paying attention. Okay, the answer is A.
ok can u help me with one more Stella wants to promote STI prevention in her community. Which of the following is a way to influence the community to make positive health choices in this topic? (1 point) design a website designed to educate others about the dangers of STIs educate herself through research practice refusal skills when she is in peer pressure situations research her own family medical history I think its A
Supra disagrees with a coach's decision regarding a team roster and feels very angry. Supra should do all of the following except (1 point) ask the coach to set aside time to discuss the decision. be prepared to compromise. make sure the coach knows how angry he feels. wait until he feels less emotional. I think its C

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