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HippoCampus Psychology
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@InYourHead Can you help me with this question please
or @thomaster is you know

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Other answers:

Let's start off with a definition. Do you know what "gender typing" is?
I wouldn't recommend a society without gender roles. Males and Females are made with a purpose.. they both have different roles in nature. Like women care for offspring and man hunt and provide food for their family. But that was in the old days. Females are build different then males, males have more muscle mass to they can do more heavy work then females for example.
@thomaster You think those same purposes still apply today?
No i said that was in the old days :P Today it's different
So where's the importance of gender typing today?
What would you write @InYourHead
there are different opinions about that :P Look at this:
@IxairaS I don't know what I would write. I haven't considered sitting down and doing this activity myself. But since it's your homework, let's talk about what you would write.
@IxairaS Do you know what "gender typing" is?
yes its when you learn that you are a male or female
Yes, that's a start. How do we learn this?
In America, for example, what are the ways that our parents teach us that we are either male or female?
Threw are perants and people we see. Im not sure
Sorry, are you American?
Alright. Well do you know the difference between "gender" and "sex"?
ill be right back my mother is telling me to do chores instead of school be back
lol. Alright. I'll come back later, to check on your reply.
Oh, by the way, take a look at that link that thomaster posted, earlier. It can be very useful to your homework.
Okay the different about gender and sex i don't know please explain?
Sex is biological. We are either born male, or female. It it really doesn't take much time or effort to learn this, you know? Because men and women have different bodies, and grow/develop in different ways. Gender is social, not biological. Gender is something that society teaches us. Our parents teach us whether our gender is male or female. Gender has a lot more to do with how people, in society, expect for us to behave.
We are born either male or female. And that's our sex. It's just the way it is. But GENDER is something that has to be taught to us.
Okay. So earlier, we were do our parents teach us which gender we are?
I'll give one example. Toys. There's a difference between the kinds of toys that parents buy for girls, and the toys that parents buy for boys. You know how parents usually like to buy their boy children things like....toy trucks? Action figures? Toy guns? That kind of stuff?
Yes, that's another example.
Parents dress baby boys and baby girls in different ways.
And they continue to dress them in different ways, as they're growing up.
yes and when they get older they realize more how they should wear
Yep. Because they see the differences in the way their friends dress. And when we go to clothing stores, there are men's sections, and women's sections.
Im a bit confused what to write it asks me what if parents ans schools discouraged gender typing. I dont undersatnd
I can think of one way that schools gender type. Sports.
Do we see girls on school football teams?
How about school wrestling teams?
but we should if girls wanted to be in them
That's right.
girls can have their own division
Right. With this homework assignment, we're trying to imagine a world where girls and boys can participate in any social activities that they want, and not feel weird.
We could have girls' football teams, as well as boys. Or, we could have sports teams with a mixture of boys and girls.
Like you said.
So, the first question in the homework asks us to "discuss ways to prevent gender typing."
We've already talked about how parents, and schools, gender type children. Remember? There are many ways that we could prevent gender typing. You've already given one good example: girls having their own division of every type of school sport.
prove that boys and girls can be equal to each other?
To show that they're both pretty much the same.
For example..... if we wanted to prevent gender typing....would we let children wear different types of clothing?
yes only if the person wanted and not be criticized
Okay. So we would give people more freedom about what they wanna wear. Is that what you're saying?
Great. We now have two ways to prevent gender typing: 1. Let girls and boys play the same school sports. 2. Give everyone more freedom in what they want to wear.
Anything else you can think of?
um let people have equal jobs
like for example letting woman go into combat if they choose too
That's pretty good.
3. Reduce gender discrimination in the workforce.
I have a question. Do you live in America?
These days, woman are allowed to join and fight in the military. It's rather new, so I'm not sure if you've heard.
i have but in some part of the military they cant
they don't allow woman to be in some operations
Alright. You bring up a good point.
So now we've got...three ways to prevent gender typing.
How about one very big way to prevent gender typing: Emotions. You know how in America, it's okay for girls to cry, and express their feelings? But when boys do it, it's considered weird? Un-masculine?
yes thats good now i have to choose if i would recommend a world free of gender roles. I would recommend it because then everyone would be treated equal and not be punished for our gender and treated unequally for the way we look.
Have we come up with a fourth reason to prevent gender typing?
no but i think 3 is good
I think we can make your reasoning a bit clearer. What do you mean when you say that we are "punished for our gender"?
criticized by our gender
if we see a girl as a cop she would be criticized therefore punished.
Oh, you mean criticized for behaving outside of our gender role?
Okay. Good reason.
Are you okay with what you have? Is there anything else you wanna add?
no i think its very good :) Thanks for your help. Can you help me with a couple of multiple choice questions?
here is 3 i aded my answer and what i think they are
I agree with your 1st and 3rd answers.
I'm looking at the 2nd problem now. Avoidance isn't really the healthiest choice. One way or another, Devon needs to confront his emotions, and come to terms with how he feels about the divorce.
I mean C
You already chose C. You think that Devon should keep his mind off of what is going on at home. What I'm saying is that it isn't the best choice. The best thing for Devon to do would be to confront his emotions. To actually find a way to sort out his feelings, and not avoid them.
Yea I meant B
I would go with B too.
Okay here is other 3
I agree with your first answer.
But let's talk about #2 and #3.
Do you know which mental disorder is all about....extreme happiness, paired together with extreme sadness?
It's called "bipolar disorder," which is also "manic-depressive disorder."
my uncle has bipolar disorder
ive experinced it first hand too I understand it know
Have you ever seen your uncle go through times when he's really depressed, and other times when he has a LOT of energy?
Oh alright. So you do understand.
yes but that energy is turned into violence
And i understand so 2 is bipolar and 3 i don't understand
It is. When bipolar people have a lot of energy, they tend to be very happy, but ALSO very irritable. They can get angry very quicklu.
Yea scary
It is scary. Let's talk about #3. When we are angry, it is usually best to do things that DO NOT make us angrier.
Has anyone ever told you that when you're angry, you should punch a pillow, or scream into a pillow? Because that's really bad advice. Doing that makes us angrier. It feeds our anger.
That's right. A is correct. It would only make us angrier.
can we do a couple more?
Would you like to make a separate post for your other questions? Because this one is becoming very slow, because of all the comments.
Yea sure ill close this one
ill @ you when it ready

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