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PLEASE HELP MEDAL GIVEN 1. The philosophy of existentialism heavily influenced writers of the postmodernism literary movement. true false 2. Modernist writers responded to economic and world circumstances, such as World War I and the Great Depression. true false 3. The Harlem Renaissance was considered a rebirth of the artistic beauty and talent of the African American community. true false 4. Langston Hughes and Ralph Ellison wrote about the disparity of African Americans during the modernism literary era. true false

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@So1D please help
1.) True 2.) False 3.) True 4.) True
thanks for answering and confirming my answers

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Other answers:

No Problem :)
can you confirm a few more?
I Can Surely Try
5. The 1960s was not only a time of change in the rights of the American people, but it was also a time of leaving behind traditional forms of poetic verse. (1 point) • true • false 6. The Beat Generation was a group of young writers who fought for the traditional forms of poetry to be embraced during the tumultuous post-World War II days. (1 point) • true • false Multiple Choice 7. Like the modernists, postmodern writers focused on _____________ experience and emphasized the effects of cultural divisions. (1 point) • subjective • objective • cultural • all of the above 8. What kind of nonfiction writing chronicles a journey of one person through a recount of personal details and thoughts about a specific experience? (1 point) • allegory • memoir • report • biography 9. In Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron,” Vonnegut uses _________ and irony to expose and condemn the desire to have a society of complete equality. (1 point) • metaphors • personification • reportage • satire 10. An author’s attitude toward his or her subject in a piece of writing is ___________. (1 point) • tone • voice • style • mood 5 false 6 true 7 cultural 8 biography 9 personification 10 tone
True False Subjective Trying To get the rest
ok thanks alot
memoir satire
thank you so much!! im not so good at english
Haha English Is My Best Subject I Love It So Much :)

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