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How might the image above be used to tell the story of tension in the Holy Land? Territorial conflicts and new Arab and Israel borders left many Palestinians without homes. Palestinians voluntarily set up camps outside of Palestine with no desires of returning. Refugee camps served as safe havens until permanent borders were negotiated. Arab nations and Israel were able to resolve territorial disputes after U.N. intervention.

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Life expectancy improved following World War II in all of the following regions except sub-Saharan Africa Eastern Europe North America Eastern Asia
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Why would citizens in the newly independent country of Latvia remove this statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin? A new and more modern statue of Vladimir Lenin would be erected instead. The statue had suffered damages during protests and now needed vital repairs. Lenin's support of democratic ideas was not welcomed by communist parties. Lenin's communist ideals were no longer supported by the people.
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Using the above map of Eastern Europe, you determine that the Soviet Union gained influence across Eastern Europe during and after World War II the number of Soviet satellite states decreased significantly right after World War II after World War II, the territories of Germany were controlled by the Soviet Union Germany and the Soviet Union shared territories across Europe after World War II
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According to the map, the German territory annexed by the USSR had new political borders following World War II was unchanged after World War II was ruled by a democratic republic after 1948
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Is this True or False?
no it a question due to the pic with it and the answer choices
@hlee0919 please man please help me im dieing here
Give me two seconds to look at all of this xD
The last question I think is D. But I'm not entirely sure, because world history im alright in, but I'm good at US History. << But D would be my best guess, next would be A.
OH WAIT NO!! The question before last is that, xD
Sorry, xD And the last question is A, just look at the Legend/key.
lol thanks finally someone helps you know any others
Nah that's it, sorry Michael! :/
im taking a text in flvs
still thanks
Oh, Uh, Cheating isn't the best thing to do mate.
Especially if you're currently taking a test.
well the teachers says its okay get as much help as needed but this is a module test not a segment exami did those well everything just not 8.09
Cheating is directly against the code of conduct. @.Sam.
im saying what the teachers say but im not allowed to on like writing woes and segment exams
ao can you help me plllleeaasse
Not anymore, especially since you're cheating. If you're taking an Exam, I'm not helping, sorry Michael!
can you tell me if its right or wrong like #1 I think its a and you answer yes or no and its an open book test ;l do you have flvs
Nope, I'd still be helping with your test mate! If this was homework and you didn't understand something, I'd be happy to do it, but since this is a TEST, even if it's open book, I won't help, that's just my rule anyways. Sorry!
:/ okay I respect that thanks anyways

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