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V IDE Update 1.5.1 Design ( is in the comments) 1.6 Has also been released! :3 I want feedback ._.

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Dat design doe.
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Other answers:

haha, great!
For some reason, while I was in design mode, I was unable to adjust the size of the mini browser, which I had docked to the bottom of the form.
Thanks, parth :3 anything I should change?
It looks perfect from the screenshot. Though I don't have enough information to suggest anything.
I was thinking about using the FastColoredTextBox control for line numbers, but the syntax hilighting would be kinda... off...
Here, parth, lemme link you to the project page on google code.
Ah, sure
Eh, can't I get it for Ubuntu?
Not sure. Do ".exe"s work with linux? Or is it like a mac with some other sort of file type?
Steve Jobs just \(had\) to complicate things for developers -.-
By the way, I noticed a bug earlier, but I'm not sure what the problem was. I'm going to try to find out right now.
Found it, it's the console>display>" function. So, don't use console>display>". I'm gonna have to take that out (it really is a pointless function anyway).
.exe doesn't work for anything but Windows. It sucks
well fak. How would one compile a linux app with VB then?
wait, I found a way!
Freaking apps for compiling EXEs!
I'd rather not create another virtual partition... :-|
what IDE should I use then to compile it for ubuntu?
I'd check it out tomorrow on my Windows lol
I don't have linux, and I'm not too keen on the idea of using wubi
oh, okay :3
Awesome work, @poopsiedoodle :) BTW @ParthKohli doesn't Wine work with linux? Wine allows .exe files to work on a non-windows platform
\(\cancel{\text{getting drunk doesn't solve all of your problems}}\) That's what I suggested.
1 Attachment
Make a new comment system.
Well, what would you reccomend?
Some thing that is easy to do, and unique to your language.
How about something like: `` Comment `` This key "`" is virtually in the same spot in all the keyboards I use such as: QWERTY DVORAK COLEMAK
` is used in latex though.
>>> maybe?
>>> it is :3
That's super cool
Poopsie, very cool. I am impressed.
Thanks :3
  • hba
You've just done an awesome job.
Just put out 1.6, which includes 2 new commands! console>beep and console>resetcolor. Still working on reading input.
Update 1.6! :3
1 Attachment
(thanks, hba ♥)
I don't understand what's going on.
it's programming stuff, a0bt.
Yep. @abb0t Poopsiedoodle's trying to create an IDE for his new programming language, he's titling V.
@poopsiedoodle And you finally got Windows 7? I see you have a Windows 8 theme on there, awesome! :D
Well, I've had this computer, but haven't been able to use it since my dad's been using it the whole school year.
this is still being worked on btw

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