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Compare and contrast the lyric poetry of the Anglo-Saxon period to the Renaissance.Describe what literary devices were commonly used and what themes were most frequently addressed in both periods. Include at least one specific example from each period.
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Each of the historical periods you studied in this course presented a hero or an idealized vision of the perfect individual. In the Anglo-Saxon times, the hero was a strong, honorable warrior with no fear. In the Middle Ages, the hero was a knight who was loyal to his lord and his lady and who protecte d the innocent. The so-called “Renaissance man” of the fifteenth century was a genius who was well-versed in science, poetry, and the arts. During the Enlightenment, the ideal man combined the intelligence of the ancient philosophers and the love for logic and scientific truth brought about by the most recent discoveries. Which of these archetypal figures do you think would be most appreciated today? Which one do you think would most benefit contemporary society? Support your ideas with specific examples from selections you read throughout the course.

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