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Feature request: allow including basic HTML tags.

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Here is a list of the tags that are needed. ```

    • ``` Feel free to add more to the list.
Omg you're so right!! With some html you can improve your answers bigtime, every forum has it. Especially the `` tag, it would be so much easyer to add pictures in the text instead of attachments. Also ordered lists `
    ` can be very usefull. Many people do not understand \(\LaTeX\) very well so it can be hard to improve the structure of an answer. What i would like to add to the list: `` (tables can be done in latex but is kinda for more advanced) `` (you can highlight text in color with this tag, would be very usefull) They could also create a text editor where you can select text and automatically put them in html tags by just clicking on buttons, like you can in many forums) \(\Huge\sf\color{blue}{Great~Idea!!}\)
    Thanks for the suggestion: `
    ` is needed!

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    Other answers:

    However, I am not with the highlighting. We don't want to make this simplistic site blocked with gifs and highlighted text. Let's just keep the formatting simple :-)
    Yea after thinking about it i kinda agree :P with highlighting it could become a color circus xD
    All new users would highlight their "fan+medal" lulz
    But yes, this stuff is really needed. Almost every forum has these, every good one!
    Or a filtered system like the BBCode tags.
    `` ``
    You could make an extension to do it, but the only shame it that it'd only work for people using the extension.
    Totally forgot about this post.
    1. escaped
    2. html

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