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Can someone give me multiple examples of how Oedipus was reckless?
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The weaknesses in Oedipus' personality center on his short temper. For example, that short temper flares up most tragically at a crossroads where three paths meet. A stranger challenges Oedipus' right-of-way and becomes violent. Oedipus becomes so angry that he kills the stranger and three out of the stranger's four traveling companions. As it turns out, that stranger is Theban King Laius, who is Oedipus' father and sovereign. Another weakness is Oedipus' recklessness. He doesn't seem to think things through carefully. For example, he announces that Laius' killer[s] will be punished with execution or exile. He allows no room for accident, mitigating factors, or self defense. This pronouncement is quite typical of Oedipus. He makes blanket statements without a thought to the complete picture or to the impact on himself or others. Still another weakness is his autocratic personality. He seems to want to have the last word on everything. He's supposed to be sharing royal powers with his wife and mother, Theban Queen Jocasta; and with his brother-in-law and uncle, Theban King Creon. But he behaves as though he rules alone and supremely. For example, Creon prefers to share, inside the palace, what he learns from Apollo's shrine. Oedipus insists upon Creon sharing in front of everyone outside the palace. It's Oedipus' way, or no way. Yet another weakness is within Oedipus' mental makeup. He comes off as obsessive/compulsive. For example, he knows that he needs to go through a cleansing for killing four people. But he's fixated on getting as far away from Corinth as possible. He just doesn't consider the pollution with which he fills himself and his environment by not undergoing purification. In the way of another example, he knows that Thebans must resolve the disappearance of their sovereign and the perils of the Sphinx. He frees Thebes of the Sphinx. But then he conveniently forgets the problem of the missing sovereign. Instead, he becomes fixated upon his own reputation as the savior of Thebes, and his own happiness as husband to Thebes' grieving royal widow. And yet it's his responsibility to avenge the death of his royal predecessor. Oedipus' tragic flaw is that he shows the propensity towards rash behavior and is overly confident in himself
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