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I got a B in Biology? Turns out I focused on my job for personal reasons that I'd not like to explain. So don't ask. I just have a question. Is my chance to get into a Ivy league college doomed for eternity? Question #2: What books should I read to get a head start on Physics and Chemistry? (Preferred to be download able ;-).) Question #3: Is there anything I should do to prepare for the next school year? Any other tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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1: No. Just keep working hard, and you might have a chance (they were probably never very high to start). 2: I don't know of any specific books, but I've found some decent books available for download on this website. www.e-booksdirectory.com You could also just try to find some pdf's like this one www.phy.duke.edu/~rgb/Class/intro_physics_1/intro_physics_1.pdf 3: If you know of any projects you will have to do, or any books you have to read, you might want to read the books, and maybe jot some ideas down for the projects, but other than that, I say just relax and take it easy. In terms of other tips, I think that the Ivy League schools are overrated. Especially if you're planning on going to grad school. If I could go back and redo high school, I would take fewer classes, and easier classes. I still would have taken some AP/IB tests, but only for college credit.
  • e.mccormick
I read a book by two guys with learning disabilities that got into Ivy League. In short, their personal statement was more important than their GPA.
  • anonymous
of course you're not doomed! you can always ask for extra credits and start working harder to boost up your grades.and also. if you're aiming for ivy leagues, it's more than just grades. you also need to participate in outside-of-school events! good luck!

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